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Custom Design
Designer Big Steve
Production information
Manufacturer Springfield Arsenal
   Primary Factory: Loric
Model SNHK-1
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Chassis Biped OmniMech
Advanced Materials Industries Endo-Steel
Armor Springfield Arsenal Ferro-Fibrous Plating w/ CASE
Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 22/6
R/L Torso (Rear) 19/5
R/L Arm: 15
R/L Leg: 19
Engine Onassis FusionWorks Improved 350 Fusion XL Engine
Speed Walk: 86.4 km/h
Run: 118.8 km/h
MASC: 151.2 km/h
Jump Jets

Prime Configuration

BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 2,504 (Prime Config)[1]


The Sunhawk, is a Medium OmniMech built by Royal Federation's Springfield Arsenal on Loric.
Notably, the Mech uses Terran Technology (Which is equal to Clan Technology. This is denoted with (C) for purposes identifying what tech level equipment is.)

This unique design was created by Big Steve for his fan story Emergence - The Concert of the Sphere in the Concertverse AU.


Towards the end of the 31st Century, Springfield Arsenal on Loric was frantically searching for a unique, modern design to supplement the older 'Mechs that were seeing less orders given the expansion of use of Terran technology.  While an update to the Ranger OmniMech was considered (and would eventually see fruition decades later), the designers proposed a different design to cater to the needs of the same cavalry formations that employed the Ranger and similar designs.  Dubbed the Sunhawk, after the various species of Arcadian sunhawks, their proposal was for a fast medium-weight skirmisher OmniMech equipped with MASC, making it capable of blistering land speeds.

Debuted at the Solaris Arms Show of 3093, the Sunhawk's combination of speed, protection, and firepower proved to impress and lead to the orders needed to revitalize Springfield's image (and the dividends of their shareholders).

Battle History[]

The SNHK-1 rolled off the assembly line in time to meet the needs for the Dominate War.  It proved quite a shock to scouting and skirmishing maniples of the Legions when Scipio's armies invaded Tamarind and Bolan, such that Scipio ordered an entire legion to seize Loric and take the factory for him.  The planet's fall was short-lived and while the factory's damage in the fighting delayed production, it was soon back to full capacity.  By the 4th Succession War the Sunhawk was in high demand, forcing Springfield to add a second production line at its main facilities, and would serve through the conflict in the AFRF's frontline forces.


The SNHK-1 is wildly popular with the Striker Corps, with the 8th Strikers seeing it almost as a personal totem 'Mech given they share its moniker.  The top frontline regiments of the AFRF typically fill out reconnaissance lances and hunter-killer formations with the machine, or use lances of Sunhawks as rapid-reaction skirmishers and flankers.  Springfield also secured permission to export to Ghastillia for their Winter Lancer formations.  Less officially, a number can be found in the light centuries of the Principate's legions despite export barriers, leaving many arms manufacturer watchers to suppose under-the-table dealing by Springfield.  It would go far to explain the company's avowed support for restoring the pre-Dominate arms trade classification for the Principate, which would make selling the SNHK-1 above-board and legal.

A number of SNHK-1s fell into enemy hands as salvage from 4th Succession War battlefields.  The 3rd Harsefeld Lancers are noted to have an entire company of Sunhawks in their 2nd Battalion.

Armament and Equipment[]

Powering this medium weight machine is a 350-rating improved XL engine from Onassis FusionWorks, giving it a basic top run speed of over almost 120 kph.  With the myomer acceleration circuitry turned on, a top speed of over a 150 kph is attained, giving the SNHK-1 the ability to pursue most of the 'Mechs half its weight, should the pilot feel the need.  Eight tons of ferro-fibrous armor provide strong protection for its weight class, and with endo-steel internal structure for weight-savings it has fifteen and a half tons of open capacity for OmniPods.

The Primary Configuration employs an Extended Range Large Laser and an LRM-10 launcher for long range firepower, and as the range shortens, can engage with a Streak SRM-6 launcher and ER medium laser, at the cost of heat buildup.  A top-line ECM system adds to the 'Mech's defensive capability.

Ammunition: The Prime carries 3 tons of Gauss Rifle reloads in right arm, & right torsos. It's Streak SRM ammunition is also stored in the right Torso.

Alternate Configurations[]

  • Alternate Configuration A
    It employs the 'Mech's speed to quickly in range and start carving up enemies with a battery of seven extended range medium lasers, with an ECM to provide protection and a light TAG for fire directing purposes. BV (2.0) = 2,528, Cost: 15,391,250 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration B
    This a short-range ambusher, with four medium pulse lasers and a pair of SRM6 launchers.  Four jump jets allow for maneuverability in rough and urban environments.  A light TAG allows the design to act as a fire support director. BV (2.0) = 2,229, Cost: 2,229 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration C
    A heavy scout with bite; twin ER large lasers on the torsos, and arm-mounted ER medium lasers, for firepower.  A Bloodhound Active Probe allows for improved scouting, with the Light TAG common to many configurations for fire direction spotting and an ECM suite.  Slight extra heat sink capacity reduces but does not eliminate the heat load for running and firing the large lasers in tandem. BV (2.0) = 2,351, Cost: 16,272,500

Striker Head Hunter Configuration[]

While the Striker Corps often simply modifies favored configurations for jump jets, or employs external jump pods for air-drops, one particularly favored configuration among the MechWarriors of the Striker regiments is a slight variation on the Bravo.  The SRM6 launchers are upgraded to Streak-technology launchers for ammo conservation while the pulse lasers are replaced by extended range medium lasers.  An anti-infantry micro pulse laser fitted on the torso rounds out the armament.  The machine, like many SNHK-1 configurations, can run very hot if a pilot alpha strikes and jumps, demanding careful fire discipline of pilots.

The Head-Hunter is a configuration built around a right-arm ER PPC connected to a specialized targeting computer, making it a threat to even the largest 'Mechs in the hands of a good gunner.  The most common version adds twin extended range medium pulse lasers and a one-shot ten-salvo rocket launcher for punch, with three heat sinks to give some firing flexibility without risking overheating.  Some pilots mix this up, however, downgrading the ER medium pulses to normal ER mediums to mount jump jets, or for a cooler heat profile, or even to add a missile launcher. BV (2.0) = 2,929, Cost: 15,032,188 C-Bills

Technical Notes[]

  • Total Cost: 13,803,125 C-Bills (Base Line Chassis)
  • Battle Value: 809 (Base Line - No Weapons)