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Stompy Awards (Cover Art)


Stompy Atlas Awards is informal yearly awards hosted by panzerfaust150 to reward best efforts of the Battletech Fan Fiction community. The awards started beginning in 2021. While votes are posted exclusively on those forums. Candidates for the awards have not been limited to posts of fan stories of the course of previous.

How it Works[]

The awards are voted by post on the, which panzerfaust150 post out a questionnaire/call for candidates for the previous year fiction posted.


-1. The author must have begun work on the nominated story in the calendar year of the award season. Stories that do not meet this criteria are not eligible. A story doesn't have to be completed to be nominated.

-2. A copy of the story must be posted here and the copy posted here will be the "nomination copy" for all intents and purposes. Please include the author's name and a link to the story with your nomination.

-3. Self-Nomination your own work is allowed (Exception, Best Fiction of the Decade).

-4. All nominations must take place within specified deadline. Voting will commence shortly after that.

-5. Crossovers must be crossed over with at least one fandom of any kind that was at some point in print or in some form of popular media.

-6. Newcomer nominations are for first-time authors only that have not submitted any Battletech fanfiction to this board or any other major board (, Spacebattles, The Sietch,, etc.)

-7. The Humor and Horror categories are in the eye of the beholder.

Yearly Awards[]


Voted in January 2021, the candidates per category:

  • Best Crossover of 2020
    • Candidates;
      Birds, Snakes, and Aeroplanes by Liam's Ghost

      Winner; Liam's Ghost
  • Battletech Fanfic Lifetime Achievement Award of 2020
    • Candidates;

      Winner; Drakensis


Voted in September 2022, the candidates per category:

  • Best New Fanfic Author of 2021
    • Candidates;
      Lucky Regiment by Beefcake
      The Best of Enemies by Yellowhammer>

      Winner; Beefcake (Lucky Regiment)
  • Best Crossover of 2021