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Steamer DropShip
Steamer Class DropShip
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Mitchell Aerospace -The Quest-
Terran Hegemony (Periphery) - Fate Can Be Cruel -
Use Cargo Transport
Type Civilian Spheriod
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Standard)
Introduced 2791 (FCBC)
Technical specifications
Mass 30,000 tons
Structural Integrity
Length 200 meters est
Width 120 meters
Height 195 meters
Drive System Star League V4K5
Safe Thrust 3
Maximum Thrust 5
Fuel 400 tons
Burn Rate 1.84 per burn day
  • 10 x Large Lasers
Armor 27 tons Standard
Nose: 110
Sides: 93/93
Aft: 76
Crew 3 officers
7 enlisted/non-rated
2 gunners
10 Passengers
Passengers None
Heat Sinks 199 (Single)
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,692


The Steamer-Class DropShip is the Cargo Vessel. Which can be used for both the military logistics as well as commercial companies for merchant Cargo.

Originally created by 2ndAcr, he first used this ship in his The Quest Fan BattleTech book as part of that's settings bustling civilian shipyards. He would re-introduce it for his second book of his Fate Can Be Cruel fan universe, the Hegemony AU.

Stats for the Steamer are identical in both The Quest (TQ) & Fate Can Be Cruel (FCBC). Any differences are noted with the initials for the story it come from.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Designed built as enlarge version of the popular and ancient Jumbo Class Civilian Cargo DropShips, the Steamer is twice the size of the original vessel. Vessel can move at a modest 1G, giving speedy delivery to whatever destination is destine to go.

While built to military standards, the ship is purely intended for logistic support or merchant service. It modestly armored with 27 tons of standard aerospace armor.

The ship itself is armed with only ten Large Lasers. Place in turrets of two each, found in all the ship firing arcs.

Weapon Placement[]

  • Nose
    2 - Large Lasers
  • Forward Right/Left Sides
    2 - Large Lasers
  • Aft (Rear) Right/Left Sides
    2 - Large Lasers
  • Aft
    2 - Large Lasers


  • Bay 1: Small Craft (2) 2 Doors
  • Bay 2: Cargo (8500.0 tons) 2 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (8500.0 tons) 2 Doors
  • Bay 4: Cargo (8500.0 tons) 2 Doors


  • Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-E-D-D (FCBC)
  • Total Cost Per Ship : 318,992,800 C-bills

Image Note[]

  • Image use is taken from the canon image of the Jumbo-Class DropShip, which is close proximity of the actual appearance of the ship. The vehicle is spheriod (rounded) style ship and was intended as a new version of the original Jumbo.


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