The VT Static Cannon works in a similar way to a ppc, unlike a ppc however it fires AC current. This causes sparks to dance across the surface of the target, causing havoc with its HUD.


Small - Weight 2.00; Damage 0.5; Recycle 2.50; Heat 2.00.

Medium - Weight 4.00; Damage 1.25; Recycle 4.00; Heat 4.50.

Large - Weight 7.00; Damage 3.00; Recycle 7.50; Heat 9.50.


The AC current that the Static Cannon injects into the mech, creates sparks and discharges all over the mechs surface. Every spark creates a small electromagnetic burst. These burst show up as static on radar, and have a similar effect on a mechs hud to a large ppc hit.

Durations vary depending on volume of fire the target has been hit with.