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STK-3W Stalker (BSC)
Stalker Assault BattleMech
Custom Design
Designer ErikModi
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Wolverine Refit
Model STK-W3
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 85 tons
Chassis Titan H1 Endo-Steel Chassis
Armor Valiant Lamellor Standard Armor
Head: 9
CT/CTR: 39/12
Arms: 26
Legs: 32
Engine 255 XL Fusion Engine
Speed 64.0 km/h
Jump Jets
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 2,355


The Stalker is an ancient Assault BattleMech that has served the armies of the Inner Sphere since early years of Star League Era, from 2594. The W3 is a refit mix of Clan Technology, conceived by Chief Mech Tech Ho-Yin Svenson of Clan Wolverine.

The Clan Chief Tech, had been impressed by reports received by the Clan's Watch of Capellan Confederation adapting the old Catapult Heavy 'Mech into artillery firing fire support 'Mech. Wanting to reinforce his Clan's Beta Galaxy's newly formed Cluster, he acquired five Stalker Assault "mechs and refitted these ancient behemoths in dedicated artillery 'mechs. His Cluster's commander, Star Colonel Lilly McEvedy, was none too pleased of newly created machines, due to growing nature of her warriors wanting meet Clan's enemy in-close quarters combat. Despite this, she ordered them to be assigned to Cluster's Quake Star.[1]

This is a early (what if) variant which was design was created by fan writer, ErikModi, for his fan book Best Served Cold Fan Story.

Armament and Equipment[]

The W3 is at best a mix tech assault 'mech refitted with mix of advanced Clan & Inner Sphere basic Technologies. These Stalkers retain much same speed as they did when they were first built hundreds years ago. However, slow they remain, at the 'Mech's heart is a Clan 340 Rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine. The expensive engine was used to allow for it's to be adapted for it's new role to carrying heavy artillery to the field.

While not intended for direct contact with the enemy, Chief Mech Tech increased the original design armor protection to fifteen and half tons of Valiant Lamellor standard plate, increasing it's odd of the ancient machines to survive should enemy catch up to it. While much the same equipment was retain from the old design, including 21 Single Heat Sinks. Only add one additional heat sink to the 'Mech's original twenty.

New to the Stalker is it's new weapons, pair of 15 ton Arrow IV Artillery Missile Launchers, each mounted in a side torso of the machine. Feeding the beast's devastating weapon is 4 tons of Arrow Missiles. While only 15 volleys of fire can be fired, which he deemed sufficient for Cluster's purposes which includes mix of Homing and Non-Guided Arrow missiles rounds.

While not intended for direct combat, the Chief added three Clan tech Medium Pulse Lasers to massive nose of the machine to allow some direct fire weapons should their position come under attack.


  • Tech Rating: F/X-X-E-D
  • Cost: 20,844,258 C-bills

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Wiki Note[]

  • Outsider7724 created the MegaMekLab File for this mech, originally Mech's stats were originally purely fluff (story based).
  • Design Note: Originally, While not specific on the 'Mechs aspects in the story, it was limited mix tech variant with weapons and engine only changed to Clan Technology. This in keeping with spirit of the story as these were first described as it was still Inner Sphere Mech with Clan Tech added on. The story notes that the Wolverines do add include equipment , however given it role as a fire support 'mech, Clan Chief MechTech didn't go crazy with clan resources into designing them. He didn't take into account Clan Wolverine's behaviors (aka wanting get in the face of a enemy verses safe distance given how little armed they are.) However, author replied (year later) and presented stats he had conceived which more pure Clan Tech variant.


  1. Best Served Cold - Chapter 8 - Chief Tech introduces his Star Colonel to his newly created Stalker variant.