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Custom Design
Designer Porty1119
Production information
Manufacturer OPFOR Aerospace Ltd.
Mission Heavy Bombardment Gunship
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Armor Skyshield
Engine Fuel Cell
Speed 150 km/h
Crew 8

AC/20, Rotary AC/5, LB 10-X AC

BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 945


Developed as a massive aerial gun platform able to withstand heavy damage, the Spooky represents the culmination of the OPFOR Hercules transport aircraft's variants. Introduced in 3059, only a few years before its test in large-scale combat during the Combine-Ghost Bear War, the VTOL was originally procured by the AFFC in limited quantities for support of special operations teams.


Possessing some of the heaviest weaponry ever mounted onto a VTOL, but strangely entirely reliant on ammunition, the Spooky is fitted with a massive AC/20 and shotgun-like LB 10-X AC, augmented by a rapid-fire Rotary AC/5. Some aircraft are fitted with wing racks for Rocket Launchers in place of some autocannon ammunition, their inexpensive munitions providing a useful complement for the Spooky's heavier ordnance.


AC-969B-Replacing the LB 10-X AC with a pair of SRM-10 launchers flush-mounted to the fuselage, the Spooky-B is even further optimized for short-range combat.

AC-969C-Developed for use at long range as it closes with its target, this variant of the Spooky replaces its AC-20 with a Sniper Artillery Piece for extreme long-range attacks.

AC-969X CADENCE THUNDER- Originally designed for the AFFS special forces, the CADENCE THUNDER replaces its LB 10-X AC with a Guardian ECM Suite, two .50 caliber Gatling guns and an LB 5-X AC for long-range operations in support of commando teams.