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Spectre Aerospace Gunship
Custom Design
Designer Porty1119
Production information
Manufacturer Northrop Industries
Model SPCTR-17A
Class Gunship
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Introduced 3058
Technical specifications
Mass 200
Structural Integrity ???
Frame ???
Power Plant 240 XL Engine
Fuel ???
Communications System UNICOM 876
Tracking & Targeting System Raytheon ATM-978
Heat Sinks 20 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


Originating from the Cobra VTOL design, the Spectre was effectively the result of the direction, 'give this as much firepower as possible,'. It sports extremely heavy armament for its size, and is typically employed once air superiority has been secured as a gunship. Due to its heaviest weapons being mounted on the side of the fuselage, pilots typically circle the target area, with side guns constantly bombarding the target, and the wing mounts fired at targets of opportunity, or any desired target in the case of the LRM-20s. Although capable of reentry and orbital flight, the Spectre is at an extreme disadvantage in these situations, due to its poor handling and the fact that its fuselage weapons must be drawn into the cargo bay to properly seal the craft.

Built for the Free Rasalhague Republic's KungsArmé, the Spectre nevertheless fell into the hands of many groups in the Clan Invasion era. Mercenaries, bandits and militia suddenly found themselves in possession of some serious air-to-ground firepower. However, the cost and unavailability of ammunition and fuel led the type, especially in its ammo-hungry C and D configurations, to eventually be primarily limited to better-funded mercenary groups and the KungsArmé


The Spectre is equipped with aRotary AC/5,AC/20,and a pair of AC/10 protruding from the port fuselage side. Each wing mounts a pair of weapon-stressed hardpoints, originally fitted with an LRM-20 on the inboard pylon, and twin Medium Pulse Lasers outboard.


SPCTR-17B 'Spectre B'- This variant of the Spectre trades the Rotary AC/5 for a Heavy PPC, and the twin AC/10 for two Light Gauss Rifles.

SPCTR-17C 'Ultra Spectre'- Entirely reliant on ammunition, the C model of the aircraft replaces all weaponry for 2 Ultra AC/20 and 3 Ultra AC/10 with the lighter weapons mounted in the fuselage, and the 20-size two hung under the hardpoints. Ammunition pods occupy the outboard hardpoints, preventing the carriage of more weaponry.

SPCTR-17D 'Jam-Bird'- Completely ill-advisedly, the final factory-built Spectre variant mounts four Rotary AC/5 in the fuselage mounts, and four Rotary AC/2 underwing. The design sports massive killing power-but is completely ammo-dependent and the guns generally jam after just a handful of bursts each.