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Sovereign-Class Aerospace Carrier

Sovereign-Class Aerospace Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Snow Raven
Use Fighter Carrier
Tech Base Clan Technology
Cost Unknown
Introduced 3110
Technical specifications
Mass 710,000 tons
Length 737 meters
Sail Diameter 1,101 Meters
Fuel 11,220 Tons
Burn Rate ?????
Safe Thrust 4
Top Thrust 6
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 15
LF Battery Yes*
Armament Main Weaponry
  • x14 Naval Medium NPPC
  • x9 Barracuda Capital Missile Launchers
  • x27 Class 2 SubCapital Lasers
  • x36 Large Pulse Lasers
  • x40 Laser Anti-Missile System
Armor Lamellor Ferro-carbide
DropShip Capacity 2
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
30 / 120
Crew 45 Officers
142 Enlisted/non-rated
71 Gunners
150 First Class Passengers
240 Second Class Passengers
900 Steerage Passengers
100 Marine Battle Armor Troopers/Elementals
Grav Decks 2 (90 Meter diameters)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 16 / 8
Heat Sinks 2,000 (4,000‬) Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 110
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) [1]


The Sovereign-Class Aerospace Carrier is a Clan Warship produced in the Alternate Timeline with Thanks (ATwT) AU and designed by player Vition2 for Dragon Cat's Fan Alternate Universe, November 2017 with background story written by Dragon Cat. The class was first introduced in the AU's universe year of 3114.

The ship was mid-ship design, based on the Superb-Class Battlecarrier, itself based on a cruiser design.

Known Ship History[]


Following the results of the disastrous campaign against the Combine, Raven high-command noted the fleet performed poorer than could be laid at the feet of the ill-conceived strategy enacted and ordered an audit of the individual fleet actions. 

The results of the audit showed that nearly half the fleet still aligned to the obsolete First SLDF fleet design parameters, while the Dragon's fleet was built to more modern standards. 

Of particular note were two prolific and venerable designs and a third who's design did not perform its intended role successfully.  The designs included the Lola III, Aegis, and the Splendid/Swiftsure designs.

High command determined that they already had options for two of the designs.  With a very heavy overhaul, the Lola III's could become the equivalent of the newer Constellation-class Frigates.  Meanwhile the Aegis, with a less complete overhaul could become Patriot-class vessels as had numerous others before. 

These changes would leave the Raven fleet with a deficit in mid-weight line- type combatants, in addition, the original role of the Splendid/Swiftsure- classes needed to be filled.  After interrogating the crew of the Aurora Lance, and seeing the level of interchangeability capable in warships, the Ravens decided to take it a step further.  Already a design which could be modified comparatively easily, Vir Sukhanov ordered the Splendid-class be modified to fulfill the needs in the Raven fleet, more peculiarly he called for multiple sub-classes to serve the following roles: Mid-weight line combatant, Strike Cruiser, and Battle-carrier.  The end result is a quartet of sub-classes all built around the same chassis: the Sceptre-class Strike Cruiser, the Spartan-class Cruiser, the Superb-class Battlecarrier, and the Sovereign-class Carrier.

Closest in design to its predecessors, the Sceptre-class Strike Cruiser is the only one of the class which retains the thrust profile allowing it to accelerate at 4 Gs.  The role of this sub-class is to perform devastating high speed passes at stationary or unsuspecting opponents, and the weaponry included in the design accentuates this role.  The fore and fore-quarters consist of nearly entirely ballistic-type weapons, while the broadsides and rear show the focus of the design with minimal levels of energy based firepower.

Changing things up significantly, the Spartan-class Cruiser manages to mount nearly triple the firepower of its predecessor designs, and with the improvement in armor all new sub-classes mount, has the capability of standing toe-to-toe with other heavy combat designs.  The weapons on this class are much more varied, with a more integrated combination of ballistic and energy based firepower.

The Superb-class Battlecarrier is intended to serve a role similar to what the York-class serves in many of the other clans' fleets.  A pair of trinaries of aerospace fighters and a binary of small craft call the Superb-class Battle-carrier home.  The sub-class manages to fit this contingent of small craft as well as significant firepower into the 710kt frame, suspected to be paired with a Spartan- class, the pairing could be devastating to WarShips normally outside consideration for ships of this size.  Spinning off from the Superb-class is the Sovereign-class Carrier.  A carrier that manages to hold an entire and full-strength aerospace cluster while maintaining the speed of modern combat-oriented WarShips.  This WarShip seems to be built to stand off from the main line of battle and provide large levels of support via their aerospace fighters. 

Combined, these four new sub-classes show that the Ravens learned significant amounts from their small war with the Combine.  And with the more of their fleet using the same standards and equipment, parts shortages will likely never be an issue, and getting these back into the fight will likely have a quicker turn- around time than other ships merely due to the familiarity yard workers have with the designs.

Notable Vessels & Crews:[]

  • CSR Sovereign - Assigned to the conquest of the Winfield, located in the Woodbine PDZ of the Federated Suns in February 28th, 3115. The ship lead a two WarShip task force to conquer the planet Winfield. The planet was defended by the Forth Crucis Lancers, with FSS Bravery, a Federated Suns First Prince II-class Battleship protected the planet's overall space. The Bravery's LAM forces would take out the Sovereign's fellow Raven warship, the cruiser Spartan. Due to the Sovereign's duel nature as a mid-weight combatant, she would be able to use her SubCapital Lasers to effect devastate the FedSun forces, while securing the region for conquest of the planet.[2]

Armament and Equipment[]

The Sovereign is jack-of-all trades, where she is able hold a Cluster worth of Aerospace Fighters & Small Craft for primary mission, she was always design designed to confront other Warships with her cruiser-size capabilities. Her engines give her same speeds as other sub-class cruisers, enough to move a ship its size at 4G's thrust. Protecting her hull is 888 tons of Lamellor Ferro-carbide Armor, giving her the substantial resistance to damage.

Her Kearny-Fuchida Jump Drive is greatly enhanced by a Lithium Fusion Battery Mk II a new experimental piece of equipment developed by the Federated Sun's NAIS. This system allows the JumpShips & WarShips to make three jumps without recharging the vessel's energy cells. The system is still in the development stages and although it gives the vessel increased tactical frequency overuse could cause the WarShip catastrophic damage. Additionally, the ship is command potential is enhance with presence of a HPG onboard.

Weapon Placement[]

  • NOSE -
    4 x Naval PPC (Medium), 3 x SubCapLaser/2, 2 x Barracuda Missile Launchers (Separate Bays) 15 Missiles Each, 6 Large Pulse Lasers, 5 x Laser Anti-Missile System (Point Defense)
  • Front Right & Left (side) (per each firing arc) -
    3 x Naval PPC (Medium), 3 x SubCapLaser/2, 2 x Barracuda Missile Launchers (Separate Bays) 15 Missiles Each, 6 Large Pulse Lasers, 5 x Laser Anti-Missile System (Point Defense)

  • BROADSIDE (side) Right & Left (per each firing arc) -
    3 x SubCapLaser/2
    3 x SubCapLaser/2, 2 x Barracuda Missile Launchers (Separate Bays) 15 Missiles Each, 6 Large Pulse Lasers, 5 x Laser Anti-Missile System (Point Defense)
  • AFT Right & Left (per each per firing arc) -
    4 x Naval PPC (Medium), 3 x SubCapLaser/2, 2 x Barracuda Missile Launchers (Separate Bays) 15 Missiles Each, 6 Large Pulse Lasers, 5 x Laser Anti-Missile System (Point Defense)
  • AFT -
    2 x Naval PPC (Medium), 1 x Barracuda Missile Launchers - 15 Missiles Reload, 6 Large Pulse Lasers, 5 x Laser Anti-Missile System (Point Defense)


  • Bay 1 - Fighters (60) / Cargo (19,000 Tons) - 4 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Fighters (60) / Cargo (19,000 Tons) - 4 Doors
  • Bay 3 - Large Naval Comm-Scanner Suite (1) / Naval C3 System - 0 Doors
  • Bay 4 - Cargo (Unspecified - See Notes) - 4 Doors
  • Note: This ship was designed using Heavy Metal Aero (HMA), which was the official BattleTech record sheet design program. However, this has been obsoleted since then. It's uncertain Cargo layout noted above is correct. Original designer did not include weights of the cargo. As well, combination of Shuttle & Fighter Bays using the same door. It is unclear this correct.


  • Missing Information - Since the use of the HMA was missing information. Battle Value was not included in the original posting of the ship.
  • Image Note - The image use not necessary intended appearance of the Sovereign-Class Aerospace Carrier. The image of the Svaline-Class Light Crusier, was used base on her tonnage of the original image was intended to have and margin capabilities as fighter carrier platform.