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Custom Design
Designer Matthew Osis
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Smoke Jaguar
Model Smilodon Prime
Class Medium
Cost 16,251,040
Technical specifications
Mass 55
Chassis Huntress Endosteel
Armor Stalker Ferro-Fibrous X1
Engine General Systems XL 275
Speed 85 km/h
Jump Jets Pouncer V1
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 2,071


Flush with the successful deployment of the Balaam and the completion of the Snow Leopard, Galaxy Commander Matthew Osis was tapped once more to motivate the Scientist Caste to bring forth a new weapon of terror against the Inner Sphere. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Commander would seek a medium 'Mech rather than a heavy one to augment the Smoke Jaguar touman. The eventual goal would be to reduce the Clan's dependency on the Hell's Horses design, the Storm Crow. Unfortunately, the initial design designated Arc Light would be captured during a daring raid by Inner Sphere forces along with the only copy of the design schematics.

In a rush, the scientist caste would hastily cobble together a new design within five months presenting to the Clan an OmniMech which would be relegated to second-line forces until the beginning of Operation: Bulldog when new configurations would be put forward and pressed into front-line service despite the 'Mech's less than stellar reputation and relatively slow speed for its weight class barely made up for by its 1 ton of Jump Jets and 9 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. The long range weapons are augmented by a top line targeting computer giving the Smilodon incredible accuracy and three additional tons of double heat sinks keeps the 'Mech capable of raining deadly shots into any corner of the battlefield.


The Prime configuration of the Smilodon comes standard with an ER PPC and Artemis V equipped LRM 15 with 2 tons of ammunition for long range combat engagements. An LB 5-X grants the OmniMech adequate defense against enemy aircraft and grants a low heat alternative to the ER PPC against the most distant of opponents. Twin ER Medium lasers offers a potent mid range defense scathing any foe who is foolish enough to close with the Smilodon.


Alt. Config. A - With the offensive against Clan Smoke Jaguar threatening Huntress, new uses for Smilodon were found as a direct front-line 'Mech. The LB 5-X was stripped off along with the LRM 15 and Artemis V FCS. In their place, an ER Medium Laser and Streak SRM 6 launcher were installed with the targeting computer being removed to make room for ammunition. The design was cheaper to produce and allowed the Mech to bring a greater amount of firepower to bear. BV = 2,026

Alt. Config. B - The B configuration swapped out the LRM 15 and Artemis V FCS for a Streak LRM-20 and two tons of ammunition. Three ER Medium Lasers replace the Streak SRM 6 and LB 5-X which allowed for the inclusion of two additional double heat sinks. Overall, the design would field the largest amount of firepower possible of all the configurations gaining popularity during the twilight of the Clan. BV = 2,279