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Weapon Description[]

The Small Laser is a light energy weapon used in the BattleTech universe. A short-range weapon, typically used as a anti-infantry weapon.

The smallest of the common laser weapons used in the Inner Sphere. While weapon is not typically used as primary weapon on large vehicles, it does does well when teamed with couple or more same type giving user sufficient close range firepower at less cost and less heat, while it's light damage combined with others can be respectable.

Typically it is found on most weapons platforms or units used, as back up weapon or anti-infantry. While very short range weapon, with minor damage to typical combat units. They can be particular damaging to infantry type units as well, Battle Armor, which in fact use it or variant of it as their primary weapon.

There are many variations of Small Laser, such as;
ER Small Laser - Improved range
(Clan) ER Small Laser - Clan technology version, Longer Range, better damage than Star League version.
Small Pulse Laser - More accurate than the original, slightly increase of damage
Small X-Pulse Laser - Advanced Tech version of the original Inner Sphere Tech Pulse, with better range.
ER Small Laser - Improved range
Improve Small Laser
Small Re-Engineered Laser - 32nd Century version, with special armor defeating beam, version of Pulse but less damage.

Wiki Note[]

  • This is a canon reference article, not a fan created weapon.