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Silver Maple

Aerofighter (Amphibious) 60 tons

Power Plant: 300 XL 9.5 tons

Thrust: 7 OT: 11 Structural Inegrity: 7

Heat sinks: double 10 [20] 0

Fuel: 400 5 tons Amphibious Capability: 6 tons

Cockpit: 3 tons Command Console: 3 tons

Armor: 184 11 tons

Nose: 50 Wings: 45/45 Aft: 44

Weapons & Equipment: Loc: Tons:

Large Pulse Laser Nose 7 tons

Medium Pulse Laser RW 2 tons

Medium Pulse Laser LW 2 tons

Internal Cargo Bay Body 10 tons

Guardian ECM Suite Body 1.5 tons

The Silver Maple was designed specifically for use by Alaskan and Canadian forces, when it became apparent some places, planets also exhibited snow and ice as well. Normally unpainted, except with a clear coat, this enables something odd. It can be camouflaged or deploy company of Jump Jet Infantry, or resupply someone behind the lines. The pontoons can also be used as 'skiis' and onceal wheels when needed in a proper field. Designed to be on the front lines in foul conditions. This truly is the epitomy of 'I am a leaf on the wind' watch as I soar...'

AoA Have wrench, will travel