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Silent enim inter arma Tribunals (Cover Art) WIP 1
Silent enim inter arma: Tribunals
Author Cannonshop
Series Name The Ngoeverse 4.0 Series
Alternate Universe Name Alternate Ngoverse
Year Written November 2020
Story Era Early Republic Era


The second entry in the Alternate Ngoverse written by Cannonshop. A science fictional space soup opera and family drama told partially from the perspective of the main character. It's title translates from latin, "For among arms, the laws are silent."

The story's protagonist is Elizabeth Ngo, inhered rules of Kowloon. Having overcome the struggles of her youth with abuse & dealing a terminal disease, to go on to become important figure behind the scenes of her native Lyran Commonwealth. Invested by her Archon, Peter Steiner-Davion, she was given discretion how Lyrans would wage war with Coalition of forces against the Word of Blake. It would be this discretion she was given that would lead her to go on trial for War Crimes she committed while executing her plan to destroy the Blakist on Terra.

Following book after this is The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet

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  • Alternate Ngoverse vs Administrator : Part series of books / fan stories as yet another alternate take to the original story. Alternate Ngoeverse takes place just after the events of ending of the original story of cannonshop's story, namely end of the Jihad and it's immediate aftermath. The original Ngoverse story was focus is it's main character, Elizabeth Ngo starting point in the Clan Invasion Era. Alternate Ngoeverse take place in years after 3085, with Elizabeth Ngo's children, Amanda & Patrick Ngo. Alternate Ngoverse moves on in a direction as Amanda Ngo has returned after her brother who only placed background role in Administrator AU becomes main character for this story of this AU uses unique solution to recover her. Previous six story arc was set starting in 3140s and beyond, named the The Administrator Series with Sharon Ngo being main character. However, Alternate Ngoverse set Elizabeth Ngo's children on different path, with Amanda experiencing different events skewing away from what created the Inner Sphere changing events of the Administrator series to accrue. Alternate's major difference from previous Ngoverses is reality with plague not created Quarantine Zone
  • Accents: The main characters are descendants of Vietnamese. The author has shown this accent in some of the character's speech. Some words will appear to be misspelled, but are showing how the character accents would sounds. Example: Amanda saying "Ma'am" is spelt as "Mum". This particular accent is consistent across the story chapters.

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