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Custom Design
Designer Various DCMS Lords
Production information
Manufacturer Various DCMS Worlds
Model SK-1
Class Assault
Cost 10, 935, 812
Technical specifications
Mass 85
Chassis IS EndoSteel
Armor Unknown, Standard makes sense in historical-virtual programs
Engine Fusion 255
Speed 54km/h
Jump Jets 5 Improved

5 Streaker-SRM6

1 Medium Pulse Laser
BV (1.0) 1966
BV (2.0)


The Shikoku is an example of convergent evolution in that it embodies a Mech created by necessity independently on various worlds facing the same desperate situation. Like organisms emerging out of the pre-cambrian era, one Mech served its purpose of the test of time and that is the Shikoku.

Simply put, it is the equivalent to the Star-League era area-denial Mech, the Kingcrab, specially ordered by Alexander Kerensky himself.

However the design has been modernized and designed on new principles. For example, the AC-20s have been swapped for 5 well fitted Streaker-SRMs. The difference being that Kerensky expected to fight smaller Mechs, hence the need for concentrated damage, whereas the Shikoku is built to crush even larger Mechs at close-range like a Pit-Bull, coming in second only to certain Clan Mechs in Assault vs. Assault Mech fighting, but is no less potent against smaller targets.

The reason for the evolution in the DCMS is that the DCMS was the first Inner Sphere power to retro-engineer Clan Streaker technology. When the HPG Network failed, many DCMS worlds had stockpiled orders of Streaker missiles, these worlds were likewise thrown into a panic by the Dark Age. Many Lords needed a useful guard Mech, as well as a final blow for heavy Assaults, in order to end matters decisively. Hence the Shikoku emerged, first in one corner of the DCMS and spreading rapidly wherever materials were available.

The Mech is likewise cost effective, costing roughly 1 million C-Bills more then the Akuma "budget" Mech.

The real great thing is the Improved Jump Jets, which were salvaged from multiple battles. This allows the Mech to leap up to even Medium range Mechs. The Streakers are likewise not only well supplied with over 7 tons of ammunition, but will not fire unless for sure going to hit, meaning the pilot is certain to make some kills before depletion.

The main strength of the Mech is due to its ability to inflict a massive amount of critical or head hits in a relatively short-time frame, meaning even one-hundred ton Clan Mechs will fall after 3 or 4 barrages. In Simulations it matches the Diashi C, a much more expensive Clan Mech.

The Improved Jump Jets allow the Mech to close range surprisingly swiftly, often catching enemies by surprise.

The Mech is likewise equipped to a C3 Network via a Slave unit. If the Mech has LOS to a C3 linked Mech, it has an effective range of 9, meaning even at medium ranges it packs a terrible punch.


5 Streaker Short Range 6-Rack Missiles represent the primary weapons system. One Medium Pulse Laser. One ER Small Laser.

12 Double Heat Sinks

C3 Slave

7 tons of ammo

5 Improved Jump Jets