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TRO 2800 (Covert Art)
Technical Readout: 2800
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing John "Takiro" Luther
Lee "Irose" Rosenberg
Joshua "Knightmare" Kessler
Gregory "Kit" Scholfield
Joseph "Liam" Craven
Stephen "Master Arminas" Bynum
Kurt "Dark Falcon" Akemann
Pages 272
Cover artwork Unspecified
Illustrations JP "Mighty Amobea" Sphagnum
Christopher "Siden Pryde" Peterson
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code Fanbook 5 Download Link Download Link
First published 2008(?)
Content Aerospace Technical Readout
Era Terran Republic / Succession Wars Era
Timeline 2799
Series Shattered Dawn AU
Preceded by Shattered Dawn - Mercenary Guild


Technical Readout: 2800 is a Fan-Made created book which is part of the The Shattered Dawn Universe created by Battletech Fans such as Kirk Alderfer and John Luther. This collaborate effort, in series of book's premise highlight on a "What If" theory. What if Star League Defense Force hadn't abandoned the Terran Hegemony, rebuilt it as Terran Republic. A nation that would standup and hold it's own during the onslaught of the devastating war for control of the once great Star League.

Technical Readout: 2800 (abbreviated TRO:2800), is in-universe intelligence report conducted by the newly formed Terran Republic. This book outlines Aerospace assets itself and other major powers in the Inner Sphere. This book includes; From Aerospace Fighters, SmallCraft, DropShips, JumpShips, and mighty WarShips.

Additionally, a Record Sheet Book has been created as well so player may use these vessels for own tabletop game. See Link below.

  • Note from Wiki Editor: Some ships listed in this fan book will share the same name as canon ones. This publication in some cases predates later ships officially published in canon Battletech books.

From the back cover[]

"' FROM THE ASHES of the once mighty Star League an old nation has arisen once more. Surrounded on all sites by the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere the survivors of Terra struggle to endure the onset of a great new war with only their highly refined diplomatic skills and superior scientific knowledge to help them avoid destruction.'"


  • Eclipse
  • Introduction


  • Cargo Class JumpShip
  • Courier Class JumpShip
  • Pioneer Class JumpShip
  • Vanguard Class JumpShip
  • Trader Class JumpShip
  • Scion Class JumpShip
  • Venture Class JumpShip
  • Leviathan Class JumpShip


  • Princess Class Liner
  • Black Ball Class Freighter
  • Bellerophon Class Assault Ship
  • Cheetah Class Troop Ship
  • Dione Class Fighter Carrier
  • Anchorage Class Nautical Carrier
  • Dauntless Class Assault Ship
  • Victory Class Troop Carrier
  • Purveyor Class Civilian Transport
  • Warlord Class Assault Ship
  • Goliath Class Assault Carrier
  • Citadel Class Troop Carrier
  • Firebird Class Assault Ship
  • Juggernaut Class Assault Ship


Capellan Confederation (CCN)[]

  • Confederation Class Transport
  • Ji Class Corvette
  • Slava II Class Destroyer
  • Confucius Class Armed Transport
  • Chesterton Class Destroyer
  • Wind Dancer Class Frigate
  • Nightstalker Class Light Cruiser
  • Sword Class Cruiser
  • Andurien Class Battlecruiser
  • Boxer Class Cruiser
  • Liao Class Battlecruiser
  • Sun Tzu Class Battleship
  • Dragon Class Battleship

Draconis Combine (DCA)[]

  • Himeko Class Corvette / Raider
  • Inoshishi Class Corvette
  • Same Class Corvette
  • Kujira Class Armed Transport
  • Kumo Class Destroyer
  • Kaze Class Destroyer
  • Nami Class Destroyer
  • Mogami Class Cruiser
  • Hokosaki Class Frigate
  • Atago Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Igarashii Class Battlecruiser
  • Hiei Class Battleship

Federated Suns (FSNS)[]

  • Audacious Class Corvette
  • Daring Class Corvette
  • Sunburst Class Destroyer
  • Furious Class Destroyer / Carrier
  • Crecy Class Destroyer
  • St. George Class Transport
  • New Syrtis Class Fighter Carrier
  • Kirov Class Cruiser
  • Rodney Class Cruiser
  • Musketeer Class Battlecruiser
  • Emerald Class Battlecruiser
  • Iron Duke Class Battleship
  • Ascalon Class Battleship

Free Worlds League (FWLN)[]

  • Guardian Class Corvette
  • Libertad Class Corvette
  • Fulbaum Class Destroyer
  • Vester Class Destroyer
  • Aristotle Class Transport
  • Themistocles Class Destroyer / Carrier
  • Stewart Class Destroyer
  • Alexander Class Destroyer
  • Dido Class Frigate
  • Sian Class Battlecruiser
  • Varyag Class Battlecruiser / Carrier
  • Aeneas Class Cruiser
  • Nemesis Class Carrier

Lyran Commonwealth (LCN)[]

  • Dinesen Class Destroyer
  • Viking Class Transport
  • Valkryie Class Destroyer
  • Icarus Class Frigate
  • McQuiston Class Fleet Replenishment Ship
  • Balmung Class Frigate
  • Brandenberg Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Gauntlet Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Arcturus Class Battlecruiser
  • Tharkad Class Battlecruiser
  • Banshee Class Carrier
  • Commonwealth Class Battlecruiser
  • Tirpitz Class Battleship
  • Thor Class Battleship

Terran Royal Navy (TRN)[]

  • Vulcan Class Tender
  • Catalyst Class Tanker
  • Genesis Class Corvette
  • Dewey Class Destroyer
  • Bainbridge Class Destroyer
  • Defender Class Cruiser
  • Mercy Class Hospital Ship
  • Republic Class Frigate
  • Newgrange Class YardShip
  • Sovremenyy Class Battlecruiser
  • Royal Sovereign Class Battleship

Record Sheets[]

Shattered Dawn - RS 2800 Cover

Additionally, the Technical Readout was produced with companion Record Sheet Book.


This Technical Readout / Record Sheet book was created using Heavy Metal Pro as means making record sheets, thus using older rules set which the ships featured in this product maybe no longer compatible with current game rules. They should be usable enough, only with minor issues.