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Shattered Dawn - Project Phoenix (Cover)
Shattered Dawn - Project Phoenix
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author John "Takiro" Luther
Pages 191
Publication information
Product code Fanbook 02 Download Link
First published 2006
Era Terran Republic
Timeline 2785
Series Shattered Dawn AU
Preceded by Field Manual: Terran Republic 2785
Followed by Shattered Dawn - Mercenary Guild


Shattered Dawn : Project Phoenix is second Fan-Made book produced as part of a series fan made products belonging to the The Shattered Dawn Alternate Universe. This was created by Battletech Fans such as Kirk Alderfer and John Luther. A collaborate effort, in series of book's premise highlight on a "What If" theory. What if Star League Self Defense Force hadn't abandoned the Terran Hegemony, rebuilt it as Terran Republic. A nation that would standup and hold it's own during the onslaught of the devastating war for control of the once great Star League.

Project Phoenix is all about the Terran Republic itself. Showing various structures of government, Social makeup, it's defense forces, what BattleMechs and WarShips it's military uses, it's economy and principle individuals running the government as of 2785.

Publisher's Description[]

"' FROM THE ASHES of the once mighty Star League an old nation has arisen once more. Surrounded on all sites by the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere the survivors of Terra struggle to endure the onset of a great new war with only their highly refined diplomatic skills and superior scientific knowledge to help them avoid destruction.'"


  • Scavenger
  • Introduction
  • State of the Republic
  • Background
    • Birth of Treachery
    • Falling into Twilight
    • Changing Places
    • From the Ashes
    • First Steps
    • Collaborators
    • Resurrection Pains
    • Impoverished Futures
    • New Star
  • Timeline
  • Organization
  • Directorate
  • National Overview
  • Regional & Planetary Descriptions
    • Astan Province
    • Dieron Province
    • Rhodesian Province
    • Nanking Province
    • Talithan Province
    • Oliver Province
    • Terran Province
  • Sol Solar System
  • Corporate Profiles
  • New Equipment
  • Product Index
  • Record Sheets