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Shattered Universe - Mercenary Guild - (Cover Art)
Shattered Dawn - Mercenary Guild
Product information
Type Source Book
Author John "Takiro" Luther
Development Lee “Irose” Rosenberg (Editing)
Pages 293
Cover artwork Matt “Sulla” Heerdt (Cover Concept)
Interior artwork Matt “Sulla” Heerdt (Interior Art)
Illustrations Japanese BattleTech Gears (Interior Art)
Various other sources
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
First published 2007
Content Mercenary Unit Info
New Combat Units
Era Succession Wars Era
Series Shattered Dawn AU
Preceded by Shattered Dawn - Project Phoenix
Followed by Shattered Dawn - Technical Readout: 2800

Shattered Dawn : Mercenary Guild is the third Fan-Made book produced as part of a series fan made products belonging to the The Shattered Dawn Alternate Universe. This was created by BattleTech Fans such as Kirk Alderfer and John Luther. A collaborate effort, in series of book's premise highlight on a "What If" theory. What if Star League Self Defense Force hadn't abandoned the Terran Hegemony, rebuilt it as Terran Republic. A nation that would standup and hold it's own during the onslaught of the devastating war for control of the once great Star League.

Shattered Dawn : Mercenary Guild is all about the mercenary units and the organization managing their affairs and jobs during the early Succession Wars. Number of the mercenary units listed are canon units, while additional units are not. Like wise, mix of employers list are canon and not. Players using the Shattered Universe books can utilize these units or the companies listed. Additionally, the book adds small group of new units to play in the Shattered Universe AU.

Publisher's Description[]

"'' Open for Business

The Fall of the Star League has ushered in a new Era of Total War as rival House Lords struggle for dominance of the Inner Sphere and the exalted title. First Lord. In these Succession Wars a new bred of mercenary has been born and their services constantly in demand.
Mercenary Guild
Mercenary Guild details this new organization and all sixty seven of its current members units while providing valuable insight into Today's evolving profession that includes corporate profiles, valuable new equipment, information on employees, mercenary worlds, and the mercenary involvement in the Succession War thus far.
For Use with Classic Battletech.''"



  • Content & Credits
  • Justice for All (Short Story)
  • Introduction
  • Organized Chaos
    • The Guild
    • The Guild Charter
    • THe Guild Council
    • Guilders
    • Lonestars
    • Blackstars
    • Freelancers
    • Assets and Organizations
    • Ranking System
    • Employers
    • Treachery
    • Unit Backgrounds
    • Philosophical Divide
    • Mercenary World
  • Unit Profiles
    • 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment
    • 15th Dracon Regiment
    • 28th Light Horse Regiment
    • 258th Dragoon Regiment
    • 246th Heavy Tank Regiment
    • Always Faithful
    • Arterson Dark Horse Regiment
    • Baldwin’s Cobras
    • Bannockburners
    • The Banshees
    • Beck's Battalion
    • The Black Tigers
    • Blackstar Dragoons
    • Blue Star Irregulars
    • Bolton's Rangers
    • Brighton's Brawlers
    • Cochraine’s Greencoats
    • Crane's Regiment
    • Daemian’s Destroyers
    • Daniels’ Avengers
    • The Death Stalkers
    • The Doughboys
    • The Dragonflies
    • The Dragons of Yore
    • Edmon's Bandits
    • Eridani Light Horse
    • Ferris Wolverines
    • Fighting Armadillos
    • Firebirds
    • Fire Serpents
    • The Fixers
    • Freelances
    • The Gargoyles
    • Gladstone's Gladiators
    • Grave Walkers
    • The Hammerheads
    • Hell's Angels
    • Hsien Hotheads
    • Illician Lancers
    • Inakazi's Daimyos
    • Jokers Wild
    • Junkyard Dogs
    • Lazy Eights
    • Lexington Combat Group
    • Mary's Little LAMs
    • The Matadors
    • Nelson's Knights
    • Northwind Highlanders
    • The Overseers
    • Paget’s War Ponies
    • Paul Bunyan Regiment
    • Redfield Renegades
    • Regulators
    • Screaming Eagles
    • Smithson’s Chinese Bandits
    • Snow Leopards
    • SOAR
    • The Sohei
    • Sorenson's Raiders
    • Star Sharks
    • The Stealths
    • Steel Hounds
    • Tartan Brigade
    • Turin Light Cavalry
    • Twin Blades
    • The Warhawks
    • White Lions
  • Mercenary Deployment
  • Corporate Profiles
    • ComStar
    • Magnus Industries
    • Universal News & Reports
    • Renault-Prime Industries
    • Quickscell Company
    • Tour of Duty
    • Cartographic Systems Unlimited
    • Interstellar Rescue
    • Aeroboss
    • Easy Base
    • Legal Ease
    • Technical Solutions
    • Angels of Mercy
    • 'Mech Garage
    • Combat Solutions
    • Stalward Defense
    • Paymasters
    • Wreck N' Crew
    • ImageWorks
    • SecureCom
  • New Equipment
    • LGN-1 Legionnaire (Assault Mech)
    • 137-A Omega (Assault BattleMech)
    • C-10A Crow (Aerospace Fighter)
    • HLR-66 Hellraiser (Aerospace Fighter)
    • Marechal Light Tank (Combat Vehicle)
  • Record Sheets


  • The Legionnaire is not canon Dark Age Era BattleMech of the same name. The Omega was originally published in Battletechnology magazine issue #15.