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Sharon Elizabeth Ngo

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5' 9"

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Naval officer

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Duchess of Kowloon & Quarantine Zone
Chief Naval Officer, Chief of Naval Operations, Lyran Commonwealth Navy


House Ngo
LCN (Lyran Commonwealth)


Kowloon Coast Guard

Sharon Ngo, a Lyran noble woman & military commander. Born in February 18, 3105,[1] she is the daughter of Amanda Ngo, and grand daughter of Elizabeth Ngo. Naval Officer and later inheriting role as Duchess of Kowloon and the Quarantine zone in the Lyran Commonwealth.

  • Wiki Note: Sharon Ngo has appeared in two version of Ngoverse's future era. The Administrator Series and the Broken Commonwealth. Each section below is broken up per story/alternative universe.

Physical Description[]

As adult, she has a body of a Weightlifter/professional wrestler. Sharon is a 'big' girl. Not overweight in the strictest sense, but extreme end of muscular, with around 5% body-fat. Speculations about her include suggestions that her mother had an affair with a construction vehicle or possibly Clan Elemental (or person with elemental breed in their genetics). This may have some supporting evidence, as her birth was by C-section.

Sharon Ngo maintains KCGM regulation 'helmet' haircut-with no hair extending below the jaw line, and does not wear civilian attire except when explicitly off-duty. when off-duty, she favors a 'dressed down' casual attire made of durable materials and athletic or work shoes. While on Kowloon itself, she tends to live in the summer cabin on the Ia Drang plateau, enjoying such sports as swimming, fishing and long walks in the park-like wildlands.

Administrator Story Series[]


As Duchess of the Kowloon & An as a Naval officer of the Kowloon Coast Guard[]

Graduate of the Vin Drin Lap Coast Guard Academy, where she attended the Giap Island Naval Warfare School and under took Spider Moon Vacuum Operations Advanced Officer Course.

In course of her service, she took 2 tours on the Quarantine Line (3129 and 3131). Participation in the Quarantine Enforcement mission on Timehri in 3136 (Surface operation.)

Frocked "Captain" (O-6) 3138, assigned Commodore Division 3 Coast Guard 3140, transferred to reserve status upon the assassination of her mother Amanda 3141, Commission reactivated at rank of Admiral, Coast Guard, 3143 (By order of Archon Melissa Steiner, dated January of that year).

The duchess of Kowloon has spent the bulk of her adult life under the discipline and traditions of the Coast Guard Marines, this makes her the first since her great-grandfather David Ngo to choose a life of military service over a life of civil duty. Unlike many of her peers in the Commonwealth, her service has been largely very active service, and across several branches and conditions.

As Fleet Admiral of the Lyran Commonwealth Navy[]

Reactivated and called to air the siege of Tharkad. She lead as Naval Task Force consisting of Cutters and the OZ's first true Warship, a Landmark-Class Destroyer. Clan Wolf & Jade Falcon were proceeding to sack the planet as Archon Melissa Steiner would regain control of the Commonwealth. Sharon's task force would arrive, sack the Wolf Cruiser, Jerome Winson. On their arrival, clearing out Clan Aerospace assets, would find Melissa Steiner dead. Her successor and cousin, Trillian Steiner-Davion, would appoint her to position of Fleet Admiral with the job of rebuilding her Navy, with expertise of Kowloon's know-how. Sharon turn Navy's officer core upside down ringing out all the social-generals, and useless officers which had hampered it. By 3145, she would set stage to largest increase in Lyran navy's budget building shipyards across the Commonwealth, away from frontlines of the war. There, she would (admittedly against her own judgetment) have a new class of Battleship, Frederick Steiner-Class Battleship built as core of new navy, using her QZ's Landmark Destroyers and additional Coast Guard Cutters as its elements. In 3148, inhuman treatment of Lyran citizens in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone had become intolerant. At the direction of the Archon, she would direct naval forces with General of Armies Roderick Steiner to conduct Trial of Annihilation against Mongol followers of the Clan.

Personal life[]

Married once to Frederick Howard whom currently is the acting as administrator of the Neumann Arcology on the planet of Winter. Her marriage ending in divorce is unclear. Legally, there were allegations of spousal abuse remain unproven, however Frederick Howard does have an ongoing protective order mandating his ex-wife maintain no less than 2 kilometers distance.

The Broken Commonwealth[]


Daughter of Amanda Ngo, she was youngest of two daughters. However, never intended as heir to the throne of Kowloon, she was largely ignored. However, her older sister die due to drug uses. Her neglectful parents whom were socialites would soon rush to return the Kowloon from Tharkad to start schooling their surviving daughter, but they themselves would die in tragic accident. Sharon would be left be raised by tutors and nannies.

As Duchess of the Kowloon[]

Despite being only Ngo remaining on world, destine to take throne of Kowloon. Sharon would still aspire to be JumpShip crewmember and woud become a officer in the Kowloon Coast Guard but not as quickly as she would hope. By 3145, the Lyran Commonwealth was in multiple crisis; Fiancially crisis due to fall of Comstar and HPG, failed invasion of the Free Worlds League turned into counter invasion by their betrayed Clan Wolf allies, with additional Clans taking advantage, and coupe of the sitting Archon by two or more contenders to the throne.

Sharon press for Kowloon's self-prevention and push to reverse the damage done by her parents of disarmament of her worlds defenses. Remobilizing long since forgotten strengths put aside in the name of Republic of the Sphere's peace agenda.

Personal life[]

Sharon, (while not dramatized in hear youth unlike her Administrator AU counterpart), would struggle being the "second". With few close friends, as she tried live up to her illusive grandmother Elizabeth and over come the loss her older sister and neglectful parents. She would become strong woman, having dated only with few men.