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Sabretooth Battle Armor
Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Use Assault/Scouting
Weight Class Assault Class Quad
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 806,600 C-Bills
Introduced Circa 3071
Technical specifications
Mass 1,970
Top Speed 43.2 km/h
Armament Medium Laser

Firedrake Support Needler

Armor Type Mimetic
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 75 (300 for 4)


After examining the remains of several Word of Blake Shedus, Irian BattleMechs Unlimited tried to expand their limited line of battle armor designs to include a quad battle armor. Joining with the Free Worlds Military, they worked together on a design that was, in the end, too successful. This fast, powerful, assault quad was too expensive at over 800,000 C-bills a suit for the limited budget of the Free Worlds Military. The worst part was the contract with the FWL military had a clause that prevented Irian from manufacturing the design without permission. Although not wanting the design themselves, they definitely did not want it falling into the hands of their "better-funded" enemies. Never mass-produced, Irian however had several dozen made for further testing. Strangely enough, every few years these suits often seem to keep getting "lost-in-transit" or "presumed-destoyed" and end up in the hands of Mercenaries fighting against the Jihad, or pirates that tend to target Lyran Space. Irian replaces these "lost" units regularly using a "wear and tear" sub-clause, but cannot manufacture them at any great speed or numbers without violating their contract. The Sabretooth was named after the extinct native animal of Terra because the suit matches its name-sake: hard to see, fast, and has a massive bite.


The main armaments of the Sabretooth is a standard Medium Laser for assault purposes, and a Firedrake Support Needler for pesky infantry. In order to maintain its design profile of speed and defense over armament, a detachable pack or turret were left off all variants of the Sabretooth. The Sabretooth uses enough Mimetic armor that it would take at least a Binary Laser Cannon to destroy a suit, but this would also kill the pilot instantly.


There have been only two variants of the Sabretooth. The first is a support variant that has a Small Pulse Laser, Light TAG, and two Firedrakes. The last variant is a simple design, if unimaginative. Its only weapon system is an SRM 4 that has an impressive eight reloads, but this also makes it a little cheaper to produce.


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