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Custom Design
Designer Unknown
Production information
Manufacturer DWMD
Model SNM-7A
Class Light BattleMech
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Ferro Fibrous
Engine XL Fusion Engine
Speed 80.0 km/h (Walk)
120.0 km/h (Run)
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


Designed to be used in many different ways. The Snowman is usually seen operating with the Frosty. The Snowman carries the C3 slave for the Frosty's main C3 Master computer. It can be used with any C3 equipped lance. Its NARC can be used to help any long range missle boat lance. The ammo for the NARC launcher can be configured depending on the mission involved. NARC exploding ammo can be used if it is operating away from missile carrying Mechs or all three tons can be homing pods for. A mix is usually carried because it offers the greatest flexibility. The

Snowman really shines when three of them are assigned with one Frosty. The fact that these Mechs are some of the coolest running Mechs around, they can go in to areas normally inaccessible to any other Mechs. This includes desert planets or regions, high temp industrial areas and so on. Critics have complained about the low armor the Snowman carries, we here at DWMD point to its exceptional speed as the greatest protection for the Snowman.

Equipment and Capabilities[]

For it's principle job as a missile spotter, the Snowman's primary weapon is it's Narc Missile Launcher mounted in it's left arm. With three tons of ammunition it can potentially carry, a pilot is able to mix different types of NARC ammo they wish to carry from standard homing beacon missile to the missile with the explosive warhead. Fitted with a C3 Slave computer, the C3 Slave helps friendly units in it's network with telemetry on any target in it's range.

When in close range, the 'Mech fitted with standard Medium Laser and pair of Machine Guns which has a ton of ammunition.

Powered by a Extra Light Fusion engine, the Mech is able obtain high rate of speed while scouting and spotting for it's large companion Mechs. The design's hull is protected by 4 tons of Ferro Fibrous BattleMech armor.


  • SMN-7 Snowman (Original) : The original prototype Snowman used 5 tons of FF Armor for it's armored hide with standard fusion engine. However, weight issues with the original caused the prototype to be changed to use this current configuration. (Author note: Original stats didn't work with current canon construction rules. XL Fusion and the reduction in armor was necessary to make it work.)


  • Notes - Origin: Some information of Snowman's information was missing due to way the website originally hosting the stats was structured. This Mech's stats were salvaged from Geocities's Technical Readout: Legends by's Waybackmachine. Information on this 'Mech is what is present here mild revamp to allow Mech functional as closely as possible to the original. It was originally scanned between in 2001-2009 by the Waybackmachine, the original poster made errors or did not post enough information to allow the mech work with the current construction rules. There also possiblity the armor values or other stats differed in previous construction rules. It's highly likely whatever method was used to make the Snowman, it pre-date modern mech making programs such as Solaris Skunk Works (7.0) or the MegaMeklab. Armor listing did not say what type armor was used, thus assumed it is standard Battle Mech armor verses industrialarmor used for IndustrialMechs. The following is the placement for the armor;

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