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Silent enim inter arma Tribunals (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 5[]

Silent enim inter arma: Tribunals[]

Royal Palace
Triad, Tharkad
Tharkad Star System
Lyran Commonwealth

"Why are you doing this, Peter?  You know they're going to crucify her!"  Henry Ngo was a Jade Falcon Star Colonel, and normally one would expect him to NOT be in a private meeting room with the Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth, Nor for him to be here with Phelan Kell.

"Diplomacy." Peter Steiner-Davion said. "Marthe and I already worked this out, Star Colonel Ngo, Khan Kell."

"What is the payoff?" Phelan asked.

"Star League." Peter said, "One more chance to bring it back for real-we establish a legal precedent of international law, I get Stone's people backing a return for the Star League."

"Does she know?" Henry demanded, "That you are sacrificing her for this?"

Peter nodded silently.

"My god, you expect her to lose." said Henry

"That's one contingency." Peter stated.  "By standing trial, we win."

"MAYBE. Maybe you win, Highness, and maybe you have handed my sister to a lynch mob!!" loudly said Henry

"The plan is sound.  We establish a fixed system of international justice, a panel of jurors from all involved nations, on a neutral-"

"Hardly neutral, she is being charged and tried on the same planet that is claiming injury." Phelan spoke up, "Jesus, Peter, did Victor give you a glass of Kool-aid or something?  Are you hearing the words coming out of your mouth??"

"She bombarded Terra!"  Peter shot back, "The cradle of mankind, the 'holy grail' for half of-"

"My branch of Clan Wolf are wardens, Peter." Phelan said, "jesus..."
"She married a Crusader, Phelan." Henry said, "I can not believe Marthe approved this...sacrifice, not without a damned good reason."

"Elizabeth went with it." Peter said.

"Oh for ******'s sake, Peter! Of course Elizabeth is going to comply!! Do you not ****** know about her standing instructions to the Navy, about her whole kick on professional conduct??  You gave her an order and she's following it! She's following it because her whole thing about 'birth doesn't matter' and 'the rules apply to everyone'!!"

"Don't they?" Peter asked.  "I approved CROWBAR as a contingency, Henry. She was supposed to abort if it wasn't needed."

"Who told you it was not needed?" Phelan asked quietly.  "Keep in mind, even Vlad agreed it was the right move, and he absolutely despises her for who she is with!"

"I can't call it back now, Gentlemen, it's done." Peter said.

Henry looked to the Wolf Khan,  "I will request clarification from my Khan...but we need a contingency in case this scheme does not work as intended."

"Several." Phelan agreed.  The Two clan officers, from rival Clans and Inner Sphere background, walked away without being dismissed.

"I still can not believe Marthe Pryde bought off on this.." were the last words that were intelligible as they left the room.

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