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Silent enim inter arma Tribunals (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 40[]

Silent enim inter arma: Tribunals[]

Unity City, Motel 6
North America, Terra
Sol Star System
Republic of the Sphere

Luciano Mertz was not a soldier.  Sure, he did the same basic training for the militia that every other citizen resident on Earth did in his twenties, but he didn't make it a career, and he didn't join Comstar or the Word.  He was a small businessman on a world where that was a dying entity, selling minor technical services to a dwindling number of small to medium businesses worldwide.

He had been in Toronto, helping the Arcology director deal with an accumulated problem in the city-structure's waste reclamation systems.

Future City at Night

City of arcologies of Toronto

His wife, and their child Marta were safe at home, in Geneva, when the world turned inside out.

Needless to say, the news that his home, his family had been annihilated had been a shattering moment. An instant in which everything he cared for, the life he had built, was gone.

The criminal who did this, is now only a few dozen kilometers north, and working as an urban troubleshooter sometimes put him in contact with less...legitimate sorts of people.

The kind that can, for a fee, provide a means of achieving justice.

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