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Silent enim inter arma Tribunals (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 35[]

Silent enim inter arma: Tribunals[]

Unity City
North America, Terra
Sol Star System
Republic of the Sphere

[Corpsman Vien on the Stand.. ]

Haskins paused in his interrogation, and then he frowned.

There was something in what the Lyran Corpsman had said that was bothering him.

He paused, and closed his eyes.

....pattern of symbols...

a hunch. he thought

"Your honors, distinguished members, I need a moment." he said, "Corpsman Vien, stay where you are."

He walked over to the Defense table, and glanced down at what Sithers was doodling, remembering something...  "May I see that, Counselor?"

Without waiting for assent, he slid the legal pad one-handed toward himself, and Looked.

"Were you tampering with my witness, Counselor?" He demanded.

"Wellp...I guess he's not programmed, Seether."  Commander Ngo said casually.

Haskins looked at the two women.

"It was a guess. See who'd stumble."  Elizabeth Ngo said, "Don't worry, there's probably time to grab him before he realizes there's nowhere to report to. some of the triggers are specific commands, like 'stop what you're doing and go here'."

"JESUS! YOU WERE!!! You-" Haskins start to shout.

"Inevitably, someone would demand proof." Elizabeth said, "It's not Seether's fault, I gave her a direct order as her commanding officer, show one around the room, see who bites. Your Doctor Yamada bit. he's compromised."

"You compromised this proceeding to go on a Fishing expedition!??"

"After bigger fish, take bigger risks...if nobody popped then I wouldn't say anything. I wasn't sure he popped but you noticed and he clearly wasn't operating according to your plan. So two-and-two, and you just confirmed you're clean."

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