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Silent enim inter arma Tribunals (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 29[]

Silent enim inter arma: Tribunals[]

Prisoner Holding
Unity City
North America, Terra
Sol Star System
Republic of the Sphere

[A Recess is called]

"How's the search gone?" Liz asked.

Seether leaned against a wall, "You're running through material we've uncovered fast, boss." she said, "maybe want to slow down on the world-shattering revelations a little, let them get their breath."

"I stuck to what we've got documentary proof of, any luck on the Stone's angle?"

"Goose eggs.  I got confirmation that 'the five' exist. Even corroboration on three of them, but that doesn't tie to the big man in any way we can enter into the evidence."

"Can't win everything." Liz said,  "He is going to win on the Heritage sites."

"You can't know that." Seether said.

"I married a Trueborn, Seether." Elizabeth stated, "Nathan was horrified."

"He didn't divorce you." Seether inserted

"True." she looked troubled.  "That's going to cost him.  Did you get a look at Haskins' witness lists?"

"Of course, it's standard." Seether said, "He's subpoena'd some of your crew, along with members of the Metis government, Lyran High Command, and requested testimony in written form from the Archon and from the General of the Armies."

Elizabeth frowned, "No scientific analysts?"

Seether froze, "Yeah. That's weird, I lined up a couple of Climatologists, a geoscientist, and two physicists..."

"Keep them under your hat as defense counsel for now, then." Liz said, "We don't need our precious eggheads getting scrambled and fried in holy shroud three."

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