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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 96 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Ia Drang Plateau, Kowloon...

Patrick sat down across from his visitors. "So you want to see the Elbar Declaration. What else??" he asked, "I doubt you came all this way for one of seven original copies we've got archived, not after all this time."

"It really IS significant." Khan Nelson Elam stated.

"Well, you're a history guy??"

"I am.", the Clanner responded

"Then we will go through some history so you get the full context." the Duke of Kowloon stated. "How do you feel about visiting an archaeological dig site?"


"Here...well, about five hundred kilometers south of here. You saw it from orbit, the Scar." said Duke Ngo

"You do understand, Duke Ngo, this is like being threatened with 'if you are not good you will get dessert' right?? I am VERY keen on archeological dig sites...especially from the high point of the Star League's history!"

"Good. You brought a medic, you'll want updated A-rad shots, the radiation level HAS dissipated somewhat, the isotopes weren't long lived, but it's still technically hazardous and we maintain exposure duration limits. We'll head down in the morning. In the meantime, you can browse my library if you wish, as a guest...and dinner is at nineteen hundred, Evelynn will be back from the ranch by then."


"You and your men are guests on diplomacy-at least, until Goliath Scorpion units try something violent, so you're under Guest-rite, you're familiar with the concept??"

"Originated as a Sol Belter still hold to it?"

"I would rapidly cease to be the duke if I didn't." Patrick said with a hard grin, "Thirty percent of my population are Rockjacks-descendents of Beltahs, and they've got ties to the other sixty percent with some common values. Being a bad host could lose me the loyalty of the better part of my people, especially if word got out...and I'd deserve to lose it."

"Why not today?"

"That's because today is The Sabbath, and that's something else my folk take seriously. You hit the right time of year for tourism, Khan Elam, we have Landing Day coming up, Independence day in Two weeks, and the Elbar memorials are running all month long up at the Synagogue, though I only have to attend the opening and closing ceremonies."

"Elbar Memorials??"

"When we remind ourselves, Khan Elam, that some acts must not be forgotten, lest they happen again, and reverify our people's commitment not to let that happen again."

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