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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 92 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

"It's an opportunity... figure out why Hyperspace travel messes up artificial intelligences, but doesn't do crap to complex organics, right? ONLY surprise, it does screw with organic brains." It's been ten hours since the exploratory nanosurgery, Lizzie's back with the world again.

"What do you mean??"

"TDS." She said, raising a finger, "Jump dreams" adding a finger, "lost time." she added a third finger.

"Lost time?"

"Most people experience a Hyperspace jump as instantaneous...but not everyone, before you did what you did to me, I...I did something with one of our JumpShips, something thousands of crewers and spacers have done before."

Yvonne was rapt, "What?"

"I rode the hull through the jump-on the outside, near the last meter or so of the field, where it's weak...and it wasn't instantaneous. It's how I got the insight into the nineteenth theorem. Time still passes in jump. TDS and dreams and such?? the closer you are to the core, the less of it is perceived, but it's not instant at all. It felt like I spent a hours out there, and that was confirmed by how much buildup in my suit filters, oxygen use, CO2 collected in the scrubber, and wastage in the 'cycler."

"So what happens to AI then?"

"Biggest question." She nodded. "I have a conjecture."

"What is it??"

"The AI experiences time as it really happens in there and loses its shit. Either that, or the EM effects flatline and scramble the coding-one of these. We can fix, the other can't be...but we know that an AI that's shut down so doesn't go bonkers in a jump. That's what we suggest to do with my idea might have some value."

"We're not sure it'll impact you like it did the M-5s either." Sierra noted, "You're still at least mostly organic."

"What do you mean 'mostly'? there's like, twenty percent of my original 'me' in here." Elizabeth tapped her head. "The rest is derived from our modular robot research for the Predator machine-ecology."

"Yeah...but it's still built out of organic parts." Yvonne spoke up, "Silicon and light metals would've been poisonous. When we got together to try and save your life, it' wouldn't have done much good to kill you, right? so you're less 'synthetic' than just 'artificially constructed' Liz. I had to design it to be biologically neutral, like with Joshie's cure."

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