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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 8 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Julie Baker wasn't a warrior...

...she resented the Lyrans, they'd invaded Callison when she was a little girl, and she never forgot the sight of Lyran Mercenaries bringing their armored boot down on her home.

Her home, that is, quite in particular. The day they invaded her world, was the last day she had parents of her own. Not fighting as some glorious resistance, but because the foot of a Battlemech turned the front of the family's sedan into a metal-and-plastic pancake while they were trying to flee.

She grew up hating them, even while she studied hard to try and get into an academy-most likely one run by the people she despised the same way she breathed.

It's what you do, when your world is ripped apart.

A few months ago, her roommate brought home a bootleg Entertainment system, boosted from the back of a truck.

A few days ago, The Free Worlds League came to free her homeworld.

They got their asses kicked...but, it gave her a couple of ideas while playing with 'Hermann' on the workbench.

Currently, she now had a dozen or so 'Hermann' processors plugged into things made from power tools, and an idea-a way to pay back the occupiers.

It's not that hard, really. The coding was almost helping her along, making suggestions in warning red letters.

The men in those murder machines took her father, and her mother, her older sister, and her little brother.

It's only fair, to hurt them back, and why shouldn't she use impersonal machinery to do it?

Julie flipped a switch on the control board, and her new pets came to life with their new programming.

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