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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 77 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

"Mẹ của chúa, họ thậm chí không bận tâm đến việc thay đổi mã phát tín hiệu."

Lt. Commander Bianh Vu Dao muttered in her native tongue.

"What was that, Mum?" Her current XO was a strawberry-blonde from somewhere in the Skye region, one of the Felon recruits.

"SLS Sam Houston, Texas class...only they're calling it 'JFS White Aerie' on their audio broadcast and the paint." Bianh scowled, "They didn't even bother to change the ****** carrier wave coding from the Amaris War. That, right there, is a ship that mutinied and deserted with the bulk of the SLDF back in the 2780s. It's stolen property...and I can't abide that, can you?"

Texas (Delranes Fighting Ships 3061)

Texas Class Battleship, JLS White Aerie. Originally SLS Sam Houston.

"Not sure what you mean, Mum."

"Our official writ from the Archon, is that we're to suppress banditry and piracy." Bianh stated, "Gunnery, load specialized anti-shipping loads, Helm I'm engaging commander's override, switch to your secondary monitoring. Arto, send to the rest of the patrol we've found a Warship running Heavy, to wit, I want Patrol three here with us, when we relieve these pirates of their stolen ride."

"Ayeh, Mum. We gonna let 'em have a chance to surrender, Mum?"

"I'm thinking... no." she said bluntly, "We're going to sneak up those con trai không cha của chó cái and forward their cases to a higher power immediately, at significantly lower cost to the taxpayer."

"Forward their case to higher?" the XO asked.

"We're going to introduce them to god, and he will judge the state of their souls." she said quietly. "It is, after all, not my place to say whether they deserve heaven or hell. deploy fighters on cold thrust, and prep relays sats, after which, rig for silent running."

"Ayeh, Mum..."

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