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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 76 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

The confrontation gained legs...
...when Kommandant Henry Ngo, recently recertified to return to active duty, loaned his weight to the proceedings by walking into Elizabeth's lab and stating, "It's three in the morning, Elizabeth!"

Right before Arthur Steiner-Davion was ready to begin the pitch for an intervention.

"I'm busy!" Liz scowled.

"No, you're sleep deprived and High as a kite. It wasn't cool when MOM was doing it, it's sure as ****** not cool for YOU to be doing it...hi Art, you wanna give us a minute??"

"We're here for the same reason." Arthur's announcement lacked the hard edges of Henry's scolding.

Somehow, that was worse.

"Oh...", Liz began to say.

"Liz, you've got..." Arthur began.

"...a Problem" Yvonne pitched in, "and we're all..."

"...worried about you, and we're not going to..." Terry added.

"...stop worrying about what it's doing to you." Penny concluded.

"Is this-", she began to ask

"This, is an intervention." for once, Jesse managed to say it with clear pronunciation and to hold his accent down.

"We're all worried." Sierra delivered the conclusion, "So, we're going to confront you about it, and make you get help."

"It's seven to one, Lizzie, and only because Pat's on the boat back to Kowloon." Henry spoke up, "Do the odds."

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