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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 63 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Elizabeth was on her tenth day at Henry's bedside when...

...Arthur and Sierra came striding in with an exhausted looking courier in AFFC uniform. "Lizzie!!" Arthur greeted her, and swept her into a hug.

"ARTHUR! This isn't-My brother's right here!!" she squawked, while Sierra giggled.

"'sallright, lilbit." Henry mumbled, "n'less y'wan me to beat him up."

Her face lit with joy, "HENRY!!"

"Careful. ****** me I feel like shit...I'm alive?", he asked

"Yes!", Liz exclaims

"How in ****** did that happen?", he asked confused

Little sisters crying into your shoulder after disentangling themselves from friends is a pretty cool sensation, unless you're laying in a hospital bed with catheters (those things are boku uncomfortable.)

"How long..."

"You've been down a month." Arthur informed him.

"huh...shit, where's the Prince??"

"Victor's at the palace, Henry, recovering."

"He wasn't that ****** up!", explained Henry

"Well, maybe when you decided to play horatius at the bridge he wasn't, but you triggered a rally of the militia. Victor wasn't about to let you die down there." Patrick said from the doorway, "You gave us a scare, Hank. Now that you're awake, I'm fairly certain that Her Majesty's going to make you haul one of those sixteen kilo platinum hammers around, and we're all looking forward to hearing you explain what you did."

"The ******?" Henry shook his head, "I barely remember."

"Yeah, I figured that. IV nutrition doesn't tend to leave a lot, you up to eat real food now?" Patrick asked, "because I've gotta inform Her Majesty and His Prince-ness that you're awake now."

"Uh...if Liz lets me?" Henry patted his sister's shoulders.

"I was so Worried!!" liz bawled, "I thought I lost you."

"And now you know what it's like for the rest of us." Henry told her. His eyes focused, "Arthur, you're here with a courier, is that for me, or her?"

"Liz, they have results on the Snark Project's first run." Arthur announced.

"Gimme a moment." Liz half-mumbled.

"One moment. Subaltern, do you need an official signature for that message bag??" Arthur asked.

"Yes sir."

"Give." Arthur said, "I'm using my authority as a member of the Royal Household, bag, and show me the signature sheet."

The document bag transferred hands, and Arthur scribbled a note, pressing it into the courier's hand, "That's a chit, show it to the Officer of the Day and they'll hook you up, Subaltern...Rowe?"

"Yes sir."

"Good enough, get some chow and some rest, there's probably going to be a debriefing in there somewhere soon, so don't get lost in The Triad...dismissed?"

The young officer rendered a salute, and Patrick, Arthur, and Henry returned it, the kid scrambled out of there.

"Smooth." Sierra commented.

"Hey, I pay attention when Dad gets messengers, okay?" Arthur told her, as he handed the courier document to Elizabeth, "Do you want to unseal it here, or do you want some privacy?"

Elizabeth's whoop could be heard in the rooms two corridors down.

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