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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 53 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]


..."Back at the ranch, Philo, not realizing that the Lone Swordsman had cleverly disguised himself as a billiards table, racked his balls." Lieutenant Henry Ngo's sense of humor over the radio made Victor Steiner-Davion cringe.

"Gawd, make it stop!!" Galen Cox said over the channel.

"Can't do that." Victor said, "Hank's sense of humor is...unique-the same way that some cancers are."

"Dude, it's a approaching seven-on-the-clock, two thousand meters, estimate fifty eight KPH, ground shocks say it's seventy tons." Henry wasn't even supposed to be a Lieutenant yet, he'd managed to test out and into a commission to follow Galen and Victor to their first assignment.

Victor was thinking that might've been a mistake. One made somewhat worse, by Hank's insistence on piloting an older machine equipped with hand-actuators.

Griffin (Standing by meltdonw14)

GRF-1N Griffin Medium 'Mech

But then, Hank made that old GRF-1N do things it wasn't designed for just like he made a Chameleon training 'Mech do things IT wasn't designed for at the Academy.

Summoner OmniMech (Firing)

Thor / Summoner Heavy OmniMech

The asymmetrical shape of a Jade Falcon Thor OmniMech showed up on the common feed from Hank's position as the recon unit for the lance.

"There's one, there's more coming." Victor pronounced.

Henry Ngo's 'mods' to Shakey Sue stripped the older 'mech of most of its missile weapons. Trading them for sensor dispensers, electronic systems, and what started out as a ruined command console. The results were obvious now, as ranging and targeting data flowed through Alpha Company's networked systems, including the enemy's ECM emissions being identified as ECM.

"Lock targets as I indicate." Victor ordered. Status displays lit up, showing as each of his 'mech company's weapons arrays locked on the designated targets.

"Wait for it...Engage.", Victor gives the command

The Clanners had longer ranged weapons, on faster, heavier platforms. What the poor bastards didn't have, was the level of coordination that Victor, and his friends had drilled into his company. Nor did they appear to have the digital datalink architecture to do what Victor was doing right now.

Every shot, was as accurate at long range. As it would be at short range, because the computers were triangulating the distances to get better accuracy.

Better accuracy translates into more hits, and it's the hits that do the damage, not the potential damage.

The Clanner 'mechs took the blows immediately, and almost as immediately, the company brought one down, then a second, then a third...

Not quite fish-in-a-barrel, but enough to make a difference, the ten enemy 'mechs went down despite having better armor, and higher speeds, and longer ranges.

The ambush worked. "Pick up, and move out!!" Victor ordered, "We've got another fifty Kay to cover!!"

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