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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 49 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

We work miracles...

It says it right there, on the letterhead of the New Avalon Institute of Science. The 'brat pack' aren't getting to be hands-on this time, they're playing gofer.

Go for this, go for that, and they're playing student. Yvonne's natural talents are really showing up now. She grasps medicine in a systemic approach, looking at the symptoms as what they are-symptoms of a greater dysfunction.

Dr. Georgiana Castle wants to adopt her-getting that bitch to say one nice thing about anyone is what you might term 'a stretch'.

Duke Patrick arrived this morning with Elizabeth, and a mountain of old records.

Medical records, files from three centuries ago, files from last century, files from the 3020s.

Elizabeth's 'medical history' complete with ancestral tests and examinations.

Most of the Kids are working with the grad students and admin people sorting the information to help strain it for clues.

The work is slow-going. Some of the gaps in research are from loss of knowledge, some of it, it turns out, are from deliberate suppression and misdirection.

and then, there's all the wrong approaches.

Doc Castle has adopted Arthur's 'white board' technique, a conjecture is floated by the medical staff or the Brat Pack, it's added to the list, and as each conjecture's approach is dug out of the files, it's reviewed, and crossed off.

Meanwhile, the Pharmacy techs are familiarizing Liz with mild painkillers, analgesics, and anti-psychotic/anti-seizure medications.

The invasive stuff hasn't begun yet-they're still brainstorming ideas for how to approach the problem.

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