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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 45 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Sometimes the Realm gets lucky...

...Duke Patrick Ngo's policies in 3045-49 were undeniably radical changes in a realm known for driving its most dynamic commanders into the Mercenary Trade.

Patrick's reforms of the Kowloon Militia were shocking to a great number of important people, and only accelerated once his little sister Elizabeth returned home in October of 3049-home in time to enjoy a 'mild' summer on her homeworld as the dual rotations of the suns and the planets in the Kowloon system left that world with the southern (Primary) landmass facing the dual suns due to axial tilt-at a distance where they virtually overlapped, one blocking the other's radiance, resulting in mild 30s instead of a 'High summer's' brutal 45-48 degree weather.

This is actually in the mildest time of a mild summer. in another ten years, Kowloon will have to endure mild winter, and DEEP summer.

but for now, 'tis a mild summer which means longer growing seasons and less oppressive heat.

On Kowloon itself.

Her Ladyship's fiefdoms in the Kowloon system, include pretty much everything off the planet and within the system's 'clear space' zone out to the oort cloud, centered on the facility at Spider Moon. A situation that is the result of centuries of census takers not following too closely with the outer system's development, and two other locations.

Dinh Diep-the irradiated valley that used to be Kowloon's capital before a punitive expedition by the SLDF to put down a rebellion against the Rim Worlds Republic in 2729, and New Laos-the 'wild' continent that so far, has a few maritime villages and a weather station clinging to the coastline, and a biology that is 'space Australia-but dangerous'.

The New Laos continent is relatively untouched because it's too damned dangerous to occupy, and what samples and expeditions have gone there, have found little to almost nothing worth the effort and a native biology inimical to earth-descended life.

The biology is actively toxic, and lacks key elements for healthy development

Without the financial backing of the Royal Family, Elizabeth has to rely on her brother for funding for her projects, and Pat, in turn, inflicts a price for each one-she has to sell him on the idea, do the budget, and then sell it to the Citizen's Assembly.

And then, she has to actually finish it.

Hell or high water, he's going to make sure her forty some odd years of life will not be unproductive, and she will damned well learn how to govern.

Work, after all, must be done.

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