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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 13 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

February 3043...

Wolfnet and LIC finished parsing the recon images and sensor data from Callison, and bricks were shat from Outreach to Tharkad to (inevitably thanks to holes in LIC's security at Mount Asgard) Terra.

The accusations began shortly thereafter, as various groups and entities tried to identify who could be responsible for the "machine plague" that consumed an inhabited world.

Nuclear Stockpiles were opened and inventoried.

"...Highness, we still don't know who is responsible." was not what Archon Katrina Steiner wanted to hear.

However, not everyone was clueless about the origin.

Leaks to the Free Worlds League resulted in accusations by the Mariks,. and nuclear stockpiles there, too, were opened, inventoried, and prepared for use.

The Inner Sphere was tilting. Someone needed to stop it.

In the CapCon, the Celestial Wisdom, Romano Liao, studied stolen documents, and ordered the Confederation's stockpiles to be opened.

She also ordered her staff to initiate communications with her traitor of a sister on St. Ives. The Maskirovka didn't know who was responsible either-but they knew that it wasn't for once; the Davions or the Steiners, and the Combine didn't have the capacity.

"I want that technology, I want it under control, and I want to know where it came from." Romano stated.

The Maskirovka got to work, while Romano did something even she would consider drastically out of character. She broke out the books on Diplomacy.

She might be paranoid, crazy, schizophrenic, and bloodthirsty, but Romano Liao isn't stupid. She's got zero intention of letting her son's reign be overrun by self-replicating robots.

If that means making peace with her traitorous bitch sister? so much the better, it might give her the chance to shoot the betraying little slut.

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