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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 110 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

"Are we ready for the...


Herbania hasn't been home to anyone since the First Succession War. This makes it a good site.

Not a GREAT site, but a good one. The system isn't presently more than a fueling and charging dock for the LCN's Reserve forces running anti-piracy patrols and occasionally, striking into the Falcon occupation zone on duration commerce interdiction missions.

Right now, the system has a ring structure that cost better than half a trillion Kroner to make and another quarter trillion Kroner to assemble in this once-inhabited system.

"Should be."

The other end of the experiment, is sitting in orbit at Lackland, in the Federated Suns. If those two work, the third leg is en-route with a pair of packed core-forges, following the counter-invasion fleet belonging to Operation:Serpent.

"You're looking thoughtful, Yvonne." Elizabeth commented.

"I want to try the new terraforming technologies in my side project on that planet-Herbania, once we're done." Yvonne said it firmly, "The synthetic ecology tech, the stuff Mom's worried might get out of hand."

"HERE? We're about to put a super-freeway across the Inner Sphere here!" Terry spoke up, "Vonnie, that's a bad idea."

"Yeah...but the planet's perfect!"

Jess grunted something.


"Any planet could be 'perfect', thet's th' point." He said, "I gets it tho-gon' need a hub, some'at wheres ships an' offices an' crews an' suppliers meet...assumin' this works."

"Let's make sure it actually works first." Arthur stated, "Liz?"

"Ten minutes." Elizabeth looked up, "If everything was within ten percent of the estimate, we can't test for another ten minutes."

"Kate thinks it's going to fail." Arthur confided.

"Well, she might not be wrong. We've had a hell of a run of successes, it's about time something outright didn't work. If it doesn't work, the detonation will be visible from Kowloon in a few years."

~~~~~~~~The End of Book?~~~~~~~~

  • Wiki Note
    Author noted he may revisit this story. However, its unclear if that will come to pass.

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