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Self Configuring Modular Robot (Chapter Cover)

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Chapter 11 - Self Configuring Modular Robot[]

Fact Finding...

The loss of the 11th Lyran Guard to some kind of disaster on Callison was far from an obscure event, and with the negotiations closing the war. There was finally time to address a Lyran-held, former Free Worlds League planet that had, for want of a better term, dropped off the map.

The choice to do this, was obvious.

The Federated Commonwealth (Lyran Commonwealth) hired Natasha Kerensky and her Black Widow Battalion, with a contract allowing her to hire subcontractors to assist in the investigation.

She, in turn, hired Snord's Irregulars, a unit split from Wolf's Dragoons early, under Cranston Snord.

So, Cranston Snord's 'irregulars' arrived in the Callison system.

The first thing upon coming out of jump, was picking up massive amounts of encrypted radio-traffic. The second, was the sight of numerous Jumpships floating idle at the Zenith and Nadir points.

A list of missing commercial vessels had been given at the jump-off for the recon effort.

Most of them were here, none answered hails, though many were pulsing relayed signals in that same strange encryption.

"Still no answer from port control, and nothing from the Comstar installation either, Sir."

Snord loves a mystery. He loves picking up Star League artifacts even more, but he LOVES a mystery, he can't resist one...

...but this was beyond 'passing strange'.

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