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Though new to the Dust Devils, Roshni Partha is a veteran of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and a decorated officer, resulting in the unit hiring her directly into a leadership position within their 'Mech Trinary.

MRBC Dossier - 3065[]


Roshni Partha is a noble-born veteran of the Federated Suns' Islamabad Crucis March Militia who resigned her commission in protest of her unit's support for what she viewed as Katherine Steiner-Davion's dangerous and unlawful usurpation of the Federated Suns. Disowned by both unit and family for views that were becoming more and more dangerous in the former Federated Commonwealth, Partha smuggled herself and her family's ancestral BattleMaster off Islamabad a few steps ahead of the "Archon-Princess's" secret police, making her way to Outreach. As fate would have it, she arrived while the Dust Devils were finishing their arbitration in the wake of the Kufstein incident, and finding in them a kindred antagonism for Lyrans in general and Katherine in particular, signed on. As a decorated veteran with command experience, she was quickly raised to the rank of Subaltern and placed at the head of the brawlers of Onyx Star.


Hinsa ka Vaada (Hindi for "Promise of Violence") has been passed down through generations of House Partha warriors since the days of the Star League in faithful service to the Federated Suns. Such service, however, was more a matter of oath than ownership, and when Roshni's CO accepted her resignation in a shouted exchange, he inadvertently freed her from any legal recourse that House Partha may have had to recover the BattleMaster from their wayward scion. On arriving on Outreach, she was quick to register herself as an independent owner-operator with the MRBC and brought the assault 'Mech to the Devils when she signed on.

Long service in prestigious AFFS units allowed Hinsa ka Vaada to benefit from priority status for both maintenance and, once they became available, upgrades with recovered LosTech from the Helm Memory Core, and was therefore in much better shape than most machines brought to the Devils by owner-operators who joined during the unit's post-Kufstein rebuild. However, even the best recovered technologies available to AFFS line units are no match for ClanTech, and as such, Partha elected to take advantage of the unit's upgrade programs, offsetting the indenture by trading in what advanced equipment the BattleMaster already possessed directly to the Devils' stockpiles at fair market value.

Generally, Hinsa ka Vaada has the same weapons loadout to a stock BLR-G1, just upgraded to ClanTech standards. Thus, the stock medium lasers and PPC were replaced with extended-range Clan versions, the standard machine guns upgraded to Clan heavies, the standard reactor replaced with a General Systems 340 XL powerplant (taken from a salvaged Clan Hell's Horses Masakari), and the single heat sinks upgraded to ClanTech double-strength freezers. The saved space allowed the replacement of the standard six-tube Short-Range Missile Launcher with a more flexible five-tube Multi-Missile Launcher, with a ton each of Short- and Long-Range reloads in CASE-protected bins. Three jumpjets and upgraded myomers increase the BattleMaster's mobility and melee capability, a full two tons of extra armor increases its surviveability, and the addition of a pair of tier 2 thermal exchangers keeps the machine cool and comfortable through continuous firing.

Hinsa ka Vaada is painted with a base of the Devils' standard camel, with blocked highlights in coral at joints and plate edges. The lower arms, lower legs, and side torsos of the BattleMaster are further adorned in complex patterns reminiscent of traditional mehndi body art rendered in granite. After her disownment and exile, Partha's machine bears an altered version of her family crest, a white ram rearing up over a hissing serpent on a golden tower shield, recoloring the ram to black and shield to white. The emblem is placed prominently (and defiantly) on Hinsa ka Vaada's upper-right legplate.