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Rivet Joint Heavy EW Aircraft
Custom Design
Designer ???
Production information
Manufacturer Northrop Industries
Model RVTJ-135A
Class Very Heavy
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Introduced 3060
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Structural Integrity ???
Frame ???
Power Plant 240 XL Engine
Fuel ???

Medium Pulse Laser
Improved C3 Computer
Beagle Active Probe
ECM Suite

Communications System UNICOM 876EW
Tracking & Targeting System Raytheon ATM-978EW
Heat Sinks 4 Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The first non-combat aircraft developed by Northrop, the Rivet Joint is a multirole electronic support aircraft based on the Spectre. It is fitted with an Improved C3 Computer and TAG to aid friendly units, as well as a Beagle Active Probe and ECM suite.


Absolutely not intended to be anywhere near a combat zone, the Rivet Joint mounts a single Medium Pulse Laser in its tail to deter hostile fighters, though its lifespan when enemy fighters have penetrated its screening force is extremely short.


RVTJ-135B- The aircraft's sole variant, designed to skirt the borders of enemy airspace, the B-model replaces its Improved C3 Computer and TAG with a Sigint (Signals Intelligence) suite and an SRM-6 under each wing.