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Custom Design
Designer mbear
Production information
Manufacturer TharHes
Model RDL-2
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 80
Chassis MaxStrength
Armor StarSlab
Engine VOX
Speed Walk: 32km/h

Max: 52 km/h

Jump Jets 0
  • 1x Thumper
  • 1x Light PPC
  • 1x ER Small Laser
  • 1x Lift Hoist
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 1,548


The Redleg is a prototype inspired by reports from Astrokazy of a modified Uni that carries a single Thumper artillery system. The LIC received the reports and forwarded them to the LCAF defense industries, but only TharHes was interested in the design.


Based on the GOL-4S Goliath chassis, the Redleg carries a single Thumper artillery system near combat. To make room for the large artillery piece, TharHes used a standard fusion engine and a compact gyro. They also fitted a Command Console in the 'Mech's head to increase utility.

The Thumper has a three ton CASE II protected ammunition bay. The ammunition is shipped in compact containers designed to be lifted into the bay by the integrated lift hoist. Preliminary testing showed possibilities, but the heavy recoil required a reinforced structure to prevent damage from the forces involved in firing. To make room for this heavier structure a smaller engine was deemed acceptable. This reduced the speed to a maximum of 54 km/h. Given the range of the Thumper this was not seen as a problem.

For those times when the Redleg is in close combat, a Light PPC and ER Small laser were fitted.

Since the close combat weapons and Thumper are never fired at the same time, ten single heat sinks are able to handle the heat generated by all the weapons.


Fast Reload