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Red Fox II
Custom Design
Designer Project Dark Fox
Production information
Manufacturer Luthien Armor Works
Model RF2-O
Class Medium
Technical specifications
Mass 45 Tons
Chassis Red Fox Zero-Standard
Armor Standard
Engine Fusion XL 270
Speed 64 km/h Walking

96 km/h Running

Jump Jets 4 Standard
BV (1.0) (Prime) 1209
BV (2.0)


The Red Fox II is something of a enigma to MechWarriors. It is a quad design, yet it is also an OmniMech. Unsure exactly of what specific role it needs to detail, the Quad Omni resembling that of its more organic namesake only has one thing going for it. That, just like the fox, is its ability to be unpredictable.


The Red Fox II was constructed with an XL engine to both give the medium 'Mech substantial speed and extra mass devoted to pod space, however it also left the 'Mech vulnerable to critical damage and put the price tag on it at nearly 10 million C-Bills. The single Medium Laser, which the canine-like head is built around, is the only fixed weapon on the OmniMech. The forward legs and the entire torso is easy to disassemble and put together with different pieces of equipment and weapons, with the tail section of the 'Mech looking a bit more permanent and also very canine. The primary configuration is a sniper design, sporting two Extended-Range Large Lasers and the heat sinks to use them. While the fixed Medium Laser allows the Red Fox II to close in (or the target to do so), the small amount of damage it can do makes that ill-advised without other back-up weapons. The rest of the configurations all look like "weapon spam" configurations, with Alternate A mounting 18 SRMs, a couple Small Lasers, and grief from the MechWarrior for lacking any range. Alternate B also seems weak at first, mounting only an LB-X Autocannon/10 and an extra Medium Laser, however it would do well to be supported when using its shotgun rounds. Two versions came up on the Charlie variant: one with two LRM-10s with ammo to last forever, or another with half the ammo and two extra Medium Lasers; the latter of which seems to do better for smaller units. The Delta variant is an infantryman's worst nightmare, mounting Flamer in the forward legs, four Machine Guns, two A-Pods, and two Small Lasers, with an ER PPC providing the 'Mech with its only anti-'Mech weapon. The Echo configuration is the only non-specialized configuration, providing the unit with an additional Medium Laser, an ER Large Laser, a Streak SRM-6, and a pair of Machine Guns.


Despite the fact that other designs may be more efficient or cost-effective, the Red Fox II is the flagship BattleMech of the small, unnamed mercenary group headed by a Jake Pryde. The Draconis Combine, its main factory on Luthien having acquired the license of the blueprint, also use the unit on rare occasion against the Clan front. Aside from the primary and echo configurations, they no doubt use their own.