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Custom Design
Designer Big Steve
Production information
Manufacturer Springfield Arsenal, Loric
Model RNG-3
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 60 tons
Chassis Advanced Materials Industries Endo-Steel
Armor Springfield Arsenal Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE
Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 30/10
R/L Torso (Rear) 21/7
R/L Arm: 20
R/L Leg: 28
Engine Onassis FusionWorks iXL 360 Fusion Engine
Speed 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets

Prime Configuration

BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 1,932 (Prime Config)[1]


The Ranger, is fast Heavy OmniMech built 3132 by the Springfield Arsenal in the Royal Federation of Arcadia to meet the their armed force seeking faster 'Mech design.

This unique design was created by Big Steve for his fan story Emergence - The Concert of the Sphere in the Concertverse AU.

  • Wiki Note: This is alternate Universe, however due to limitations of BattleTech mech design programs, items on this Mech will be listed with (CL) as they are equal to Clan Technology. Additionally, this design also uses Experimental Technology, which includes its weapons.


A post-4th Succession War update to the RNG-2, the RNG-3 Ranger is Loric's answer to the need for a fast heavy OmniMech for the AFRF's armored cavalry units.

Battle History[]

During the 3139 fight on Freedom between the 1st Launum Armored Cavalry and the 2nd Sword of Light, the RNG-3 performed admirably in enabling the outmatched Launumeños to stymie and delay the Combine 'Mechs in their destructive rampages through Freedom's countryside. Their speed and the use of jump jets on many configurations provided many opportunities for tactical ambushes or quick responses that thwarted the hunt for Musashi Honda's surviving guerrillas and ensured the 2nd Sword of Light's failure in the campaign.


The Ranger is primarily found in the cavalry-orientated regiments of the AFRF, particularly the Striker regiments and the Royal Cuirassiers. The Kell Hounds and Ransom's Raiders have both shown a certain enthusiasm for the design in their cavalry formations. Loric's main manufacturing center at Hagerstown has been quite active to ensure a regular production rate.

Armament and Equipment[]

With a top speed of over 96 kph, the Ranger is as fast as cavalry "Mechs with lower weight and can even keep pace with light-weight hunter-killer 'Mechs. Since the size of the 360-rated iXL engine proved prohibitive on providing flexible pod space for the design, Springfield Arsenal contracted RussTech for its improved XL gyros as well as employing Terran-quality endo-steel and ferro-fibrous armor. While this removed room for any additional equipment in the core of the machine, it brought the weight down to allow twenty-five tons of pod space, giving the Ranger surprising flexibility for a sixty ton 'Mech with a sixteen and a half ton engine which has 10 Double Heat Sinks.

The "Prime" Configuration/Variant that is Medium Range / Close Range combatant, able take role of the Striker. It's primary weapon (main gun) is it's Class 10 LB-X Autocannon, the right arm mounted weapons draws ammunition from two ammunition bins to allow switch between solid & cluster rounds. It's secondary weapons include trio of Extended Range Medium Pulse Lasers, with laser mounted each of the side torso and in the left arm. A Streak six-tube Short Range Missile Launcher is mounted in the right torso with a single ton of ammunition mounted in same location. Three additional Heat Sinks are fitted to help manage the configuration heat.

Ammunition: The Prime carries 2 tons of LB-X 10 reloads in right arm. It's Streak SRM ammunition is also stored in the right Torso. CASE is integrated with the chassis (like Clan Mechs)

Alternate Configurations[]

  • Alternate Configuration A
    The Alpha is a highly mobile mediun-long range combatant configuration. This is due to the addition of four Jump Jets. The Alpha primary weapon is a left armed mounted ER PPC and Class 2 Rotary Autocannon, which is feed by 2 tons of ammunition found in right arm with the weapon. A pair of Laser Anti-Missile weapons, one mounted in each of the side torso. BV (2.0) = 2,329, Cost: 18,834,000 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration B
    A fire support / missile boat configuration, the Bravo is armed with pair of "fire & forget" Streak 15-LRM launchers with three tons of ammunition split between side torsos. The 'Mech only close-range weapons include two ER Medium Lasers, one mounted per arm actuator. Intended to be highly mobile, it is fitted with six Jump Jets, with three in each side torso. Additionally, the 'Mech is fitted with hand actuators. BV (2.0) = 2,519, Cost: 19,535,200 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration C
    Intended to be heavier fire support configuration, the Charlie has a pair of Twenty-Tubed Long Range Missile Launchers with four tons of ammunition split between the side torsos. While the LRMs do not have short-range issues, they are backed up by four ER Medium Lasers, two in each arm. Three additional Double Heat Sinks are fitted. This configuration also has pair of hand actuators to allow move cargo or engage in melee combat. BV (2.0) = 2,397, Cost: 18,367,200 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration D
    Mobile Sniper, the Delta main weapon comes in the form of a Gauss Rifle fitted in the right torso. The weapon is feed by two tons of ammunition mounted in 1 ton bays per side torso. The Configuration is secondary weapons include four ER Medium Pulse Lasers, 2 in the right arm, 1 in the left arm , and one in right Torso. Additional heat sink and hand actuators are fitted as well. BV (2.0) = 2,350, Cost: 18,419,200 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration E
    Mobile Missile Boat, the Echo features a mix of 2 Streak LRM 10s & 2 Streak SRM 6 launchers split between the side torsos. Pair of ER Medium Lasers are fitted one per arm. Three additional Double Heat Sinks and hand actuators round outs it's features. BV (2.0) = 2,235, Cost: 18,419,200 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration F
    Close-Range Configuration, the Foxtrot primary weapon is it's LB-X 20 Autocannon fitted in it's right Arm. The weapon has 20 rounds of ammunition split between two 2-ton ammunition bays in the Right Torso. It's secondary weapons include pair of ER Medium Lasers, and single Streak 4 SRM Launcher side torsos and one of the lasers in left arm, which also has hand actuactor. A single ton of Streak Ammunition is mounted in the right torso. BV (2.0) = 2,108, Cost: 18,801,600 C-Bills
  • Alternate Configuration G
    All energy configuration, the Gamma features two arm mounted ER PPCs and two ER Medium Lasers which are placed in each of the side torsos. The configuration features one additional Double Heat Sink, has the lower arm actuators to allow the ER PPCs to flip it's arms behind it. BV (2.0) = 2,487, Cost: 17,992,000 C-Bills

Technical Notes[]

  • Total Cost: 18,617,600 C-Bills (Base Line Chassis) - 18,617,600 (Prime)
  • Battle Value: 1,069 (Base Line - No Weapons) 1,932 (Prime) BV2