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Custom Design
Designer Mayes
Production information
Manufacturer Star League
Class Assault
Cost 23,254,000
Technical specifications
Mass 100 Tons
Armor Standard 296 H. 9 CT. 46/15 RT/LT. 30/10

RA/LA. 33 RL/LL. 40

Speed 3/5
Jump Jets None
  • 4x ER Medium Laser
BV (1.0) 3000 (BattleMech Designer)
BV (2.0)  ???

Description Edit

A long lost Star League design recently discovered by a small mercenary unit. The experimental 'Mech works was hidden on Triton, in the Sol system. There are currently ten in existence, but now that they have been seen, both Kallon Industries and Nimakachi Fusion Products Lmtd. are tooling up to place them into production.

Armament Edit

Designed to stay to the rear of the battle line as a last defense for non combat units, the Ragnorok uses its long range weaponry to take out advancing enemy before they reach firing range.

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