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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 9[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Daniel's Office
Toreel, Nebula California
7th September, 3153

The last few months had been thankfully tedious but largely uneventful. No new sabotage, raids, and the crops had started coming in. Which meant trade. This was welcome as now they could stop sending Kevin some of the few techs they had to pay their rent in that fashion but it didn't really help them be as independent as many would have liked.

What had presented a possibility in that regard was what some of the exploration teams had uncovered.

Gilly was absolutely stumped at how the sword on Daniel's desk actually worked. When wielded it seemed to be bathed in flame but the user didn't have trouble holding the blade. Dummies had scorch marks but putting the blade up against them didn't set them aflame.

"Ivan's reports did indicate items such as these were not unheard of. What about the person we got it from?" Daniel studied the blade.

"Yes, that one was a bit odd. According to the team it was some sort of lizard like biped that proclaimed itself Solid Snake, Warlord of the Scartooth Kobold Clan. It took a surprising number of rounds of ammunition to put down for such a small and scrawny looking creature." Fezzik answered.

"The level of mutation and gene editing on this planet frankly defies any understanding of science I thought I had." Daniel's scowl deepened.

"I am afraid this means we can't put off what we wished to avoid any longer." Fezzik's expression matched Daniel's.

"Kevin clearly seems to have a source for parts and ammunition for his 'Mechs to have lasted 50 years of active use. He put on a good show, but if we go to him for such things we'd be doing exactly what he really wants and thus be bound to him." Daniel sighed.

"I am starting to wonder why that would be so bad. True we've heard some not pleasant rumors but our neighbors don't seem to have issue living under his rule." Fezzik rubbed his chin.

"Just a sense I have about the man tells me that would not be good for us long term, but maybe you're right. Maybe we are just being too paranoid." Daniel nodded.

Meanwhile at Wellman Castle

Kevin smiled.

"Seems they took their first step on accepting their fate." Selena smiled from her own chair.

"Yes. I think another Orc raid just might be what pushes them over." Kevin's smile never faded.

"Best part is with it being harvest season I may not even have to call in some favors. They just might do it on their own." Selena got up and cuddled with her husband.

"Even better. I now have vassals between me and any possible rivals. True, it doesn't make me proof against attack, but with my Royal Guard now properly functioning I can turn my attention toward other matters." Kevin held his wife.

"This is quite possibly the closest Toreel has come to being under one ruler as far back as I can remember. Those that you don't directly control are too scared of you to try anything." Selena gave her husband a peck on the cheek.

"What can possibly stop me now?" Kevin looked in his wife's eyes.

Meanwhile back on Terra
Unity City, Terra
Former Republic of the Sphere

"OvKhan, I believe we have a lead on where the fugitives you seek may have gone. We have recovered from an ancient datanet a report on a Star League research Colony. Combined with what the watch has uncovered about their leader it seems a likely place for them to take refuge." Star Captain Jenna Carns briefed the ilKhan.

"Good. With this we may remove one last stain from the universe. I task you with the elimination of the abomination. As soon as the needed supplies can be gathered for the trip there and back I wish you to depart." Alaric Ward-Steiner smiled.

"I obey, OvKhan." Jenna saluted then departed.

She smiled to herself. To be trusted with this assignment meant she had exceeded her own expectations. Yes the trip would take some time in which her rivals could garner favor and glory but if she could bring back the head of the abomination she would leap past them. She may even be in a position to become one of the next Khan of Clan Wolf.

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