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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 8[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Market District, City of Storm's End
Toreel, Nebula California
12th February, 3153

The area was bustling but surprisingly spacious. When the scouts reported back such a major city that seemed to be truly independent he had to check it out for himself.

The cries of merchants selling various wares from stalls lining the streets combined with the bustle of the crowd to make a constantly shifting sea of noise.

Moving through the crowds wile keeping an eye on one's valuables was a difficult experience. Eventually though he found the place he was looking for.

Ivan had given Daniel some of the local currency. The small gold coins didn't weight much individually but added up quite quickly.

A young copper skinned woman with slightly less pronounced ears was behind the counter of this shop.

"Hello. How may I help you?" The young woman said sweetly.

"I am looking for the oldest maps of Toreel you have available. I was told you specialize in such things." Daniel answered trying to put on as much charm of his own he could.

"Unfortunately you've been misinformed. We only sell maps from the last 50 years." The young woman seemed much more guarded now.

"Oh. I see. Well show me your oldest maps." Daniel cursed himself.

Idiot. Even if Kevin doesn't control this city of course they'd be guarded about what they really have. Now you just blew your chance.

The young woman produced an assortment of maps. One showing Toreel, one for each continent, and an assortment of others showing various cities.

Daniel looked at the listed prices and did the math.

He could afford the global map and one other. He selected the one that covered Kevin's lands.

He counted out the coins and placed them on the counter.

Meanwhile at Wellman Castle

Kevin watched the projection of Daniel's shopping trip as Selena cuddled up to him.

"They're trying to find ways around becoming your thralls. Shouldn't you do something to curb their curiosity?" Selena purred.

"It's fine. That particular shopkeeper knows better than to help strangers with such requests after what I did to her sister." Kevin answered with a slight smile.

"I think I remember now. Wasn't her name Alice? That was fun." Selena smiled.

"Yes and it was. But as far as Daniel and his people it is best to let them have a little hope that they may evade their fate as my new tenants." Kevin kissed his wife.

"Your deviousness was what drew me to you in the first place." Selena shifted in Kevin's lap.

"Careful or I might think you want to get frisky." Kevin smirked.

"I always want to get frisky." Selena moved again to where she was now facing Kevin.

Back at Stalingrad about an hour later

Daniel rolled out the maps for the others.

"It's not much but until we get more trade going it'll have to do." Daniel said as he started studying to global map.

"I was hoping maybe we'd found a chink in Kevin's armor so to speak. But it seems what I feared is true. Despite having far too little garrison power Kevin still has far too much striking power. So even though they are politically independent technically speaking but in reality they probably pay a quiet tithe to Kevin to avoid being made an example of." Fezzik looked at the smaller regional map.

"It still gives us an area to operate out of for further scouting areas that is reasonably secure." Daniel nodded.

"I'll setup another team." Fezzik smiled.

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