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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 5[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Government office
Toreel, Nebula California
7th February, 3153

Daniel had always had a fondness for ancient Terran folklore and it seemed whoever made this world did too.

The security picket they had established had sent back images of what he could only describe as Orcs.

"They move primarily at night. With our lack of night vision gear it is difficult to keep track of them because of that but so far we're pretty sure they are coming right for us. At their current pace it'll be sometime tomorrow night when they get to our lines." Fezzik said flatly.

"We sure they are even hostile?" Gilly asked.

"One of them used a bow to shoot an arrow at one of our pickets that tried to find out. Seems pretty clear they are hostile." Fezzik seemed entirely too calm.

"Not a single firearm in the bunch. This is good and bad. Means we can do a real number on them with what little we have but without an ability to replenish ammunition, well even winning would put us one step closer to defeat." Daniel examined the high resolution images.

"Doubly so if they are a version of trueborn Elementals." Fezzik nodded.

"Yes. Even without their armor their quite capable of taking hits that would put most other men on the ground." Daniel had some small first hand experience with that.

"Damn. I had hoped we'd have more time." Fezzik seemed less calm.

"Once we deal with these people it looks like we need to invest in obsolete weapons as I seriously doubt this will be the last trouble we have to deal with." Daniel rubbed his chin.

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