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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 23[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Throne room
Wellman Castle
Toreel, Nebula California
June 13th, 3153


"Thos new arrivals seem a bit uppity still." Selena reclined in her chair.

"Yes, especially Gwain." Kevin nodded.

"You want me to pay him a visit?" Selena smiled.

"No need yet. A sudden death may raise suspicions. But when our enemies finally make their move, well who could think to blame us if he were to perish in the middle of battle thanks to a well placed and timed blade?" Kevin smiled.

"I don't like getting in the middle of large fights but I still love it." Selena purred.

June 13th, 3153


Daniel looked through the binoculars over the field.

"Okay I recognize Orcs. The small green ones I am pretty sure are Goblins. Some sort of pale or grayish Dwarf. The rest I'm not sure about." Daniel swept across the force still quite some distance from them.

"You sure about your plan?" Gwain looked through his own set.

"Oh yeah. Which means I need to get back to my post." Daniel looked at his watch.

Gwain simply nodded as Daniel walked off.

Command Center

Daniel watched the markers moving closer to the trench lines. The clouds were already starting to blot out the sliver that was the waning moon and the starlight. It would start soon.

The waiting was the worst part and it was all he could do until battle was joined.

After a silent eternity the markers representing enemy units started vanishing from the display.

New markers appeared on the display almost as fast as they vanished.

Daniel glanced at the observation orb. Now that he knew it was there it was easier for him to spot it and keep track of it. In a way he was quite glad it was here.

Trench lines

Selena popped into existence as close as she dared to where she figured Gwain would be.

The guard post ahead of her was spitting out bursts of fire. He had to be there.

She was able to get past the sentries guarding the door with little trouble thanks to her powers.

Up the ladder she climbed and found her target with two others.

Not as bad as I expected but still could be trouble. Selena frowned.

She softly crept up behind Gwain and readied her blade.

As she was about to strike a noise from behind her caused her to turn around.

"Now." Jenna said loudly, but calmly as Gwain and the others jumped out of the way.

Several bursts of rapid fire weapons tore into Selena.

As formidable as her defenses were Selena found she was not as bullet proof as she had hoped.
Before she could summon enough clarity of thought to teleport away the world started fading to black.

"Just as Daniel predicted." Gwain grumbled.

"It must be the Kerensky genes. As much as part of me still wants to hate him for the rest of what he is I cannot help but admire him in a way." Jenna sighed.

"The necessity of our situation has made for a strange alliance and I cannot help but agree with your sentiment." Gwain nodded.

Throne Room
Wellman Castle

a moment later

Kevin had been enjoying the read out on Daniel's holotable until he felt it.

His bond with Selena was unusual and something he still didn't fully understand, but he knew that she was dead and it was Jennal's doing.

"As soon as our enemies are dealt with I want you to take the Royal Guards and teach our new neighbors a lesson." Kevin decided they all must pay.

"It will be done." Alina bowed and left the throne room.

Not long after the Captain of his guard had left he could sense something was amiss in his Castle.

"Oh no." Kevin realized too late.

Daniel and a tall brunette human woman appeared in his throne room.

"Daniel. Melinda." Kevin felt himself going pale.

"Hello Kevin. As you can see Selena grabbed the wrong box. For that you can actually thank Gilly. Once I realized how much you were focusing on me and the recon teams with your remote monitoring it became rather easy to put on a show for your benefit." Daniel smiled.

"The display was rigged wasn't it?" Kevin gulped.

"In a way. Once Fezzik had met with Elanis and the Scartooth reps and laid out the plan they still showed up with just enough force to help us put on a bit of a show. Needless to say the rest are dealing with your Royal Guards as we speak. To be honest even with our surprise we still might not be able to overpower them. Especially since you have 'Mechs and they don't. But by the time that fight is settled you'll be quite dead I suspect." Daniel smiled.

"I never even questioned why Fezzik wasn't in that meeting. Damn. I got sloppy. But you should know Daniel I'm not helpless without my wife and this conversation has given me enough time to think of how to end you and Melinda." Kevin began chanting and gesturing.

Daniel pulled a flashbang out of his jacket and pulled the pin throwing it at Kevin's feet.

Ready for it Daniel was now drawing his sidearm and began pistol whipping Kevin.

"Just for making me marry Jenna I'm going to keep you alive just long enough for her to have her fun with you. Gwain too. Melinda while our distraction is still in effect I think we should be going." Daniel grabbed Kevin and stood him up.

Melinda grabbed onto Daniel and began her incantations just in time for a ragged looking Alina to come back into the throne room to watch them vanish.

Daniel's office
June 14th, 3154

Daniel didn't like trusting Toreel 'magic' so much for his plan but once he had decided to do so anyway it had given them an option not previously possible.

"The fight near Wellman Castle still rages. Your neighbors, especially his niece and her father will almost certainly now be hostile to you. Our temporary alliance with the Scar Tooth is already coming apart now that Kevin has been dethroned." Elanis Silverfall sat across from Daniel.

"And with a power vacuum things will be interesting for a while." Daniel nodded.

"Yes. None of this would have been possible if you had not lured out Selena. Most of the magical defenses of Wellman Castle actually ran through her. With her death we finally had a way in." Elanis was clearly trying to dodge certain conversation subjects.

"It's okay, Elanis. We knew going in we were going to have to take a gamble. Sure what Kevin offered us wasn't any worse than what we could expect anywhere else from where we come from but he was a dick about it and that never really sat right with me. Smelled a little too much like slavery hidden behind the right words." Daniel answered.

"At least you will have Melinda's help. She may specialize in conjuration but she is still well versed in other magical arts as well. Jerianiah Bronzebeard has also expressed an interest in staying to help teach your people how to make more sustainable weapons and how to use them. What about the others you mentioned? When do you think they will be back?" Elanis looked relieved.

"It'll probably be several months before they finally give up. That is assuming they have not met some other ill-fate elsewhere. It's trouble for another time." Daniel answered with a slight smile.

-The End-

  • Note from Author: [Author] And with that I think I am going to call this one done. I'll admit I am seriously considering coming back for a part two with how I left things but part of me wants to leave it like this as the premise of a Nebula California RPG campaign and seeing where my group goes with it first. Either way higher than normal odds. Especially as I am trying to force myself into experimenting with things I don't normally do. I think I did a little better expanding out the cast over what I normally do without losing too much focus and having an actual proper villain. [/Author]

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