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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 21[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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An abandoned mineshaft
Crystal Mines of Jujax
Toreel, Nebula California
June 12th, 3153

A dozen forms were gathered in the large abandoned mineshaft. This site had been chosen because the nearby crystals that absorbed ambient magic in active parts of the mine would do nicely to shield them from magical detection

"There is little doubt now. The outsiders brought more of those drivable constructs with them. How many or how long he will be able to turn to his service is unknown but as soon as he does we can be sure Kevin Wellman will complete his conquest of our world." An elf woman spoke clearly but softly.

"That is no good. With the four we know of in his service already we don't have the power to attack him conventionally and no offense Elanis but even with you and your sister we don't have the magical power to match that kind of force." A scruffy dark-skinned dwarf spoke up.

"None taken. This Kevin is clearly a power beyond comprehension to command such forces as he does. But we have reason to believe that at least some of the newest outsiders harbor great resentment toward Kevin. Surely that they have the power to control these constructs means they may be formidable enough to match Kevin if we can distract the rest of his forces." Elanis answered.

"Aye. Does seem we need to do that as Kevin has clearly trained his Royal Guard on how to fight them. What about the newest of his vassals? Where do they stand?" The dwarf grumbled again.

"Unclear. Their leader seems to have no great loyalty towards Kevin. Slid him a Necklace of Fireballs that also has some basic mind shielding and divination proofs on it so that maybe we can get a better sense on them but we're not sure we can count on them much. No signs of even basic protections against magical infiltration. If not for their flying contraptions and oval fortresses there seems to be nothing about them that really sets them apart from a typical human village." Drevin spoke up.

"It is too dangerous for myself or Drevin, or Kima to return to their settlement so soon. Indeed I suspect it would be rather suspicious for them to be visited by any stranger again so soon. Maybe we can approach one of their adventuring groups?" Elanis was deep in thought.

"That could be tricky. They are being watched as well and they have warriors able to engage in hand to hand combat and overpower Orcs. As far as I can tell despite their freakish size, strength, and durability they seem normal human." A small figure spoke up.

"Based off your description I would swear they have Troll, Ogre, or even Orc blood in them." The dwarf shook his head in disbelief.

"It is still our best shot. Jeriniah and Tarala make ready. Time is not our ally." Elanis looked at the Dwarf and Halfling.

"Better than sitting around and waiting." Jeriniah frowned.

"Okay." Tarala was clearly uncertain.

"The rest of us need to make ready. I suspect it is only a matter of days now before Kevin makes his next move." Elanis looked over the remaining figures.

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