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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 14[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Airfield, Stalingrad
Toreel, Nebula California
June 6th, 3153

Daniel's head still ached from what must have been some of the strongest wine he'd ever drank. His only consolation was his new 'wife' was no better and thus not making his hangover even worse.

In the field was another unwelcome surprise. The survivors of the Clan Wolf Trinary. One of which, an Elemental by the look of him, walked up to Daniel.

"I was instructed to give you this." The man said gruffly as he handed a note to Daniel.

They're your problem now. -Kevin Daniel groaned as his headache worsened upon reading the note.

"Okay I know you guys are a little more liberal on the whole Clan Honor thing but you know the position you're in now. I'm the worst criminal here and the only crime I have committed is not being able to choose who my ancestors are. The next most serious criminal here is Gilly. She committed the great sin of keeping the planetary communication and entertainment nets operational. Jack over there? His dad swept the floor of the Terra HPG. So get it in your heads your IlKhan wants a lot of people dead for really stupid reasons. We're not a big settlement so you'll have to pitch in where you can. Play nice and I'll at least let you reclaim some of your warrior pride by manning our guard posts in the trench lines and playing explorer. There are hostile locals. That should give you some incentive." Daniel was starting to regret coming here.

"We still retain our ways. We will comply with your terms. As much as it pains us we have little choice. At least for now." The Elemental hid his anger well but not so much so that Daniel didn't catch it anyway.

"You're probably thinking your ships in orbit have figured out something has gone wrong and are putting together a plan. They probably are. Unfortunately unless I miss my guess they're probably deciding right about now that their best bet is leave you all here and jump back to Terra. Then grab a Warship this time because not blasting us from orbit obviously didn't work out so well. Two problems. The first of which is that there is something about this nebula where once you jump into it you can't jump back out. They'll find that out for themselves in about a month or so I'd wager before they give up and accept their lower castes are not lying or gone native on them. The second is with the lack of HPGs out this way it doesn't even really matter that there is a blackout. I imagine even if Alaric decides the mission failed it could well be years, possibly even decades before he can afford to indulge his obsession of wiping us out. So yeah good odds that the political situation he's now in will not let him at all." Daniel saw that the Elemental was taking in his words.

On some level he does know that what I say has at least an element of truth to it. In a way I envy his resolve in holding out hope that I am wrong. Daniel started walking to his quarters, the scowl from his wife behind him obvious to him even without having to look back and see it for himself.

As he entered the Dropship turned city center he saw the confused and agitated state of his people.

"Uggh. I'd love to sleep off this hang over but seems I got one other order of business to attend to. You. Yeah you. Get the others here as soon as possible. Emergency meeting in 30 minutes." Daniel wanted a shower first at least.

Thirty minutes later in the Council chamber

"First up, obviously Kevin's Royal Guards prevailed. Yeah I'm still trying to come to grips with the nature of them too. Second, Kevin has decided that the survivors of the Wolf forces are our problem now. I know this is going to be an issue for a lot of people but if everyone plays nice I've offered to let them take over guarding the trench lines and replace those who want out of the recon teams. They're also to pitch in. So try and work with your people to try and smooth things out." Daniel looked around the room.

"It'll be tough but I think most of my people will be able to handle this without too much trouble." Gavin nodded.

"It will be nice to have people who actually want to do the job." Fezzik seems unusually chipper.

"What about their Dropships?" Gilly asked nervously.

"Not equipped to strike us from orbit or we'd already be subject to such strikes. Most likely they will try and run back to Alaric with their tail between their legs. If they do decide to come down and play, well I suspect Kevin would welcome even more Clan tech salvage and has indicated he has a plan for such an eventuality." Daniel answered.

The door opened and Jenna entered the chamber.

"Which brings us to the second order of business. Since not all of you were invited or able to attend the wedding last night, this is my new wife Jenna Carns." Daniel sighed.

"Yes, that was quite an event last night." Fezzik smirked.

"Worry not. As much as your leader and your colony are the primary motivation behind why we came here, those of us who survived the battle to regain our honor must first find a way to defeat this Kevin Wellman and the power he wields. So for now you will be safe from us." Jenna was still clearly quite grumpy but clearly doing her best to not let it show.

"Gilly how soon can we have a place ready for her and her people?" Daniel hoped it would not be long.

"About a week." Gilly answered.

"A separate place for myself will not be needed. As long as there is not a repeat of last night I can tolerate sharing a bed with my husband." Jenna was red faced but spoke calmly.

Looks and light laughter broke out amongst the others.

"Ughh. Fine. Unless something comes up I'm sleeping off my hangover." Daniel walked out of the chamber and down the hall to his room with Jenna behind him.

"You are surprised at my decision." Jenna guessed Daniel's question before he asked it.

"Honestly yes. Why?" Daniel asked back.

"First it will make it easier to follow Kevin's directives. Second I take my oaths and duties seriously. As much as it pains me my proper place as your wife is with you. But there is enough leeway in my duties that I do warn you not to even attempt to couple with me, nor expect me to initiate coupling. I will find a way to make you pay for such actions within the bound of my oaths." Jenna let more of her anger show.

Daniel just nodded.

She's trying to hold onto what little honor she has left.

The bed was suddenly more cramped with two of them. It was only really meant for one person but it was on the large side.

"Seems for us to get some sleep I must permit physical contact." Jenna grumbled.

Daniel adjusted his position as Jenna moved in closer to him.

"Then I cannot be held responsible for simple biological reactions." Daniel said as he tried to go to sleep.

"Fine. Until a larger bed can be arranged." Jenna was now asleep.

Daniel knew she would still make him pay for the fact that his body would respond to the fact he was now in close physical proximity of an attractive young woman who was not wearing much right now, but his own hangover made sleep come easier than he expected with having to adjust to having to share his bed with someone.

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