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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 11[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Throne Room
Toreel, Nebula California
20th September, 3153

Kevin was not pleased. More visitors had come into the Nebula and it was clear what their intentions were.

No attempt to broadcast and coming straight for his realm and his new vassal.

He began to wonder if somehow there was a way to at least get information out of the Nebula as this seemed far too coincidental.

"Oakheart I have need of you." Kevin grumbled.

"Yes, my King?" The Elf woman seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"We have visitors. Not the good kind this time. Gather the Royal Guard. Half deployed here and the other half I want at Stalingrad. Selena I wish to speak to Daniel now. Seems I have some questions I failed to ask him that now need answers." Kevin started calming down.

Selena smiled then vanished.

Daniel's office

Daniel knew this was a possibility. Clan Wolf had come for them. He had hoped they would have more time or would find more resources to make a better stand.

"Hello." Selena's voice broke Daniel from his concentration.

"Selena. I didn't know you were here. I must have been more lost in thought than I realized." Daniel also made note to have words with his staff about announcing visitors.

"Kevin has questions for you. I am here to collect you so that you may answer them." Selena smiled.

"I guess that is to be expected given our current situation. We should have enough time to catch a flight there." Daniel had hoped to avoid this conversation too.

"I have a faster way. Take my hand." Selena smiled.

Daniel unsure gently took Selena's outstretched hand.

Then he felt something akin to the unreality of a K-F jump flood his senses then when his vision cleared and he recovered he realized they were now standing in the throne room of Wellman Castle.

"How the..." Daniel trailed off.

"Thank you, Selena my dear. Daniel we need to talk." Kevin was obviously in a poor mood.

"Clan Wolf." Daniel gathered himself.

"I know in your messages when you first came here seeking sanctuary you said you were refugees from Terra. No one comes all the way out here for simple refugees and if they were after the Star League tech in the Nebula I have trouble believing they wouldn't be calling ahead for something like that." Kevin scowled.

"Truth is a lot of the people in our settlement are the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, add a grands in some cases of those members of the Word of Blake that were able to qualify for Stone's amnesty programs. Even though these people and their ancestors did nothing wrong the guilt of association is still strong enough in Clan Wolf's eyes that we must be purged." Daniel sighed.

"I think there is more. This still seems an odd approach for even that motivation." Kevin rubbed his chin.

"Yeah. Alaric Ward wants my head in particular. The Word of Blake got a hold of iron womb technology and decided to create the ultimate insult to the Clans. Amaris, Kerensky, McEvedy, and even a sample from Trent equals me." Daniel didn't like sharing that secret.

"Add in that they hope to recover wonders of the Star League and it makes sense that they are not just shelling us from orbit and being done with it. The good news for you is to keep my plans from being derailed, I need to protect you in this instance. So you shall have it. Selena will take you home so you may help coordinate your own defenses. Oakheart will be along soon with some of my mechs. We will deal with this expedition. Then we will talk again." Keven leaned back in his throne.

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