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Random Events (Nebula California) Chapter Cover)

Chapter 10[]

Random Events (Nebula California) - Take 2[]

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Trench lines, Stalingrad
Toreel, Nebula California
20th September, 3153

Daniel's perspective

The Orcs came again. Their ammunition supplies were now critical.

There was no choice now. They had to see what terms Kevin would demand for his protection.

He knew this is exactly what Kevin wanted. The reports were pretty clear. As much as they had no 'Mechs and only a small mixed bag of firearms and those that knew how to use them to any degree whatsoever, they seemed to be the only real threat left on all of Toreel to Kevin's rule and now they were about to be put in a position where challenging that would be next to impossible.

Not that they would or could before but that he clearly placed them to be an ablative shield on a previously open front made the arrangement not sit well with Daniel or Fezzik.

Throne Room
Wellman Castle
the next morning

"Daniel, good to see you again. What brings you by?" Kevin's smile was clearly for show.

"The locals are proving dangerous and our ammunition is running low. You've been here some time and seem to have some way to resupply yourself. We need either supplies or your protection." Daniel knew there was no point in being subtle or coy.

"Oh my. Is it really that bad? I had hoped that you were better prepared and supplied. Still I am not heartless. I can send you a few rifles and some ammunition since I doubt I make anything that will fit your weaponry. Say six rifles and twelve magazines for twenty pounds of gold." Kevin's smile was now sincere but wicked.

"How much for when we just need ammunition?" Daniel asked flatly.

"Oh I can manage twenty four magazines for fifteen pounds of gold." Kevin was obviously relishing this.

"We'll find a way." Daniel knew with their current trade deals that would leave them too little to obtain anything else from the locals.

"I wish I could be more lenient on the cost but producing weapons and ammunition of a standard we are used to is quite difficult and complex on this world. Which means expensive." Daniel could sense there was some truth to that but knew Kevin was gouging them.

Command Center
Dropship Kerensky's Vision
Toreel system, Nebula California
6th June, 3154

Star Captain Jenna Carn's perspective

The recovered archive had hinted at this being a treasure trove of lost Star League relics. But the world below them showed no signs of it. Indeed the only signs of technology were faint readings of what were most likely active mech reactors on the surface.

Clan Union DropShip (Re-entry)

Union-C Class DropShip, Kerensky's Vision ascending into Toreel's atmosphere.

The mixed Trinary that she had brought with her should be more than enough for such a task.

"The ilKhan's orders were clear. We are to kill the abomination and the last vestiges of the Word of Blake that have followed him here. This is a Trial of Annihilation as far as they are concerned. They seem to be using their Dropships as part of their colony here based off our high resolution telescope imagery. We are only picking up fusion reactions in one of them. They may have allies with mechs in this settlement to their north. To eliminate this possibility Star Commander Lilith I wish for you to deploy your Star of 'mechs north of the river in a position to cut them off if they should come to the aid of our foes. Star Commander Jerome you and your Elementals will deploy in a perimeter around the rest of their settlement. I and the rest of my star will deploy into their settlement proper and begin the extermination. Let none escape us this time." Jenna was eager to finally end this.

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