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Custom Design
Designer Underadarkhand
Production information
Manufacturer Nuvo Spartan Mech Works
Model Puc 1
Class light
Cost 2,183,440 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 20 tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 100 XL Fusion
Speed Walk: 54.0 km/h

Maxi: 86.4 km/h

Jump Jets 5
  • 2 SRM 4s
  • 1 Medium Pulse Laser
  • 2 ER Small Laser
BV (1.0) 781
BV (2.0) 780


The Puck was named after the Fairy in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream. This naming convention came about because of the amount of trouble the little mech caused during its development.

In the first dozen or so battles the mech jockeys riding this mech decided to take the name of this mech serious, and through some weird luck the jockeys survived even though each and every one of them challenged a mech twice their size, not that the mechs survived in any kind of usable condition however.


The SRM 4's buried in the Puck's chest has enough ammo to maintain itself for a longer time then the Puck will either be in battle or survive battle. If for some reason this mech survives long enough to empty its missile packs, it carries a pair of ER Small Lasers as backup weaponry. As far as long range weaponry goes this Mech carries a Medium Pulse Laser.


The Puc 2 is a slight variant that exchanges the ER Small Lasers for another ton of SRM ammunition.